When did this become the D2:R Forum?

It’s always been the d2r forums for those that didn’t pre-order.


When the D2R forum was locked to preorders. Why preorder the game when it’s still not clear at all what we’re getting relative to what we have with D2. Oh and nobody uses the D2 subforum.


Forums are paygated for those who bought D2R.
D4 forum will be paygated for pre orders.
D3 forum is dumping ground.

Well, I have yet to buy D2:R. I will, but …just not yet.

So while is OK to speak about D4 ( on D3 forums ), I see no reasons why I shouldn’t be able to speak and give feedback on D3 forums about D2:R !

So … cry me a river!

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I for one would like a “Diablo general discussion forum” while still keeping the games’ respective forums for game-specific things. Many of those discussions integrate the franchise as a whole. For example I’ve seen many posts recently that talk about D2R from the point of view of a D3 player, which integrates both games in one discussion. I don’t think this tribalism that exists on the same franchise is healthy.

This goes for both the D2 tribe and the D3 tribe. Chill out a bit, people who play a different game are not your enemies.


Go to the D2 forum and say that you like D3 over D2 and see what happens. It is generally the D2 fanatics who come to the D3 forum and start things not the other way. We have all seen what some of them say, they are the real fans, they are the true fans, D3 players are noobs. Let’s not forget the mantra of D3 sucks, D4 is a D3 clone, D2 is the only true Diablo game.


in the Reddit or D2 forums but NOT D3 forums

Blizzard did tell players to post in the D3 forum about D4. I do not know if they ever made a similar statement for D:I. Things are gated for both the D2 andD2R forum I think.

that is the thing they said to post in D2 or Reddit to get feed back, just looking for the post now so I can put it here AGAIN.

The moderators have lost all control of the D3 forum, they should just change the name to:


Yeah, because these forums are just moving so fast with everything D3 related? Please. This forum is barren and you don’t have to even go that far to find a thread that hasn’t had a single response in days or even a week.

Nobody is interrupting your D3 conversations. They hardly exist.


So accurate. I got chills. Literal chills.

You did forget the “D2R should be private loot over personal loot, because we don’t want free drops/legendaries raining from the sky mantra” even though thats total B.S.

They started it, but some D3 people also keep the animosity alive, I think its a dumb attitude from both sides. Also, its not every d2 fan or every d3 fan that is like that, I’ve had plenty of polite discussions with people I disagreed with. In both sides, since I’m a fan of both games and I defended D2 talking to D3 people and defended D3 talking to D2 people.

Funny how people complain about posting about d2 but have no problems about the d4 or immortal posts. Gatekeeping much?

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Oh how cute. :point_down:


Diablo IV is early in development, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to share with you where we are so far. While we don’t have any news on when we’ll be moving into our first public access stage, we will be keeping up with quarterly updates available here on the Diablo community site and mirrored on our forums for your easy access.

We’ve got a lot of work to do and even more hell to raise. We can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Want to continue to discussion? Head over to the General Forum!

Want to continue to discussion? Head over to the General Forum!

Unlike D2R that has a D2R section and D2 (2000) section after the D2R announcement, they gave permission to post about D4 in Diablo 3 General Discussion because they don’t have a dedicated section to post. The same goes for Diablo Immortal where it doesn’t have a dedicated section to post.

Considering how that many D2R threads in D3 General Discussion were moved to D2R appropriate sections, it is pretty clear what their stance on this matter.

Maybe you can ask the same question again when D4 and DI got their own dedicated section.


I bought it through the bnet store a week ago and cannot post of the forums. I don’t really care but just pointing out that there are people that have bought it that cannot post there.


You mean the the teens and twenty to 40 year olds that can’t follow directions because they are in nervous mode, constantly tapping their smartphone checking on their social media platform for that next thumbs up or thumbs down.

Boomers are fine.


Have you never heard of a GPS? Asking for directions is a thing of the past.

Also, Boomers are the ones who raised the generations you’re complaining about, so what you’re saying is that they don’t know how to raise their kids.

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Don’t ever ask some of these dimwits. The kid nailed it.

That’s just Americans in general, they think the rest of the world is Mexico, and I wish I was joking

Whoever organized EVO (fighting game tournament) online this year put Mexico, Brazil and Chile in the same region even though the lag between them is massive, because they can’t look at a map