Welcome to the new forums!

We forgive you because

Thanks for the heads-up.  

I’ve linked to some of them. I guess I’ll find them and correct them soon enough.  


What about the people who already have given good ideas for Diablo 4? No one from Blizzard team wont even read these because we will get a new forum?

We already have the new forums. You’re in them right now. It’s the old, archived, read-only D3 Forums that are being taken offline.

Ohh, thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

Happy new year, Nev. Hope we will have a great year with more great Diablo news!

That means we have lost that epic 31 page thread on “Nephalem Glory is Holding Us Back” thread on the Console forums.

There was a lot of valuable information in that in which I would have loved to capture but never knew the old forums were going offline…thought they were just getting archived.

So the question is, given every post/thread on it has been ignored, is that if I recreate that thread in the new Console forums will you or Matt post in it to verify the points I make in it where I will quote from memory your original posts in that thread on the old forums?

They told us up front the forums would be archived for a time and then removed. We were told to save any posts we wanted. They did that when they announced the forum change over in a post on the old forums. It led to questions about how long the forums would be read-only before being removed. We were not given an answer about it at the time.

The next mention of it was when the comments were removed from News Blogs and we were told it was for GDPR compliance and were told the old forums would also be going away soon. All of them, not just D3. It impacted all games.


Miss Chetah…i fully accept I never read all the information about the archived old forum so indeed my fault for not capturing the information from it I wanted to maintain but I have managed to recreate the points from memory in a new post.

None of that is an issue…I would love a CM to confirm my points are accurate in where I dictate what they said and reply to the queries raised around it.