Welcome to the new forums!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our shiny new forums. As you may notice over the coming days, the old forums are now in read-only mode, but can still be accessed by clicking here if there’s content you’d like to review or save. Edit: The old forums are no longer available as of January 6, 2020. This is to ensure total alignment with GDPR compliance. Thanks for your understanding!

As a reminder, please be courteous and kind with your interactions with one another in our community space. We recommend reviewing our Forum Code of Conduct and Posting Guidelines.

Happy posting, and welcome to your new Diablo III community home!


It’s a bit dreary for my taste, but I suppose I’ll just have to get used to it.


Will any of the old pages be transferred over to the new forums or will we need to redo the posts? I’m thinking in regards to guides, stickies and all that good stuff.



I like the new look and functionality. I’ll miss the “dislike” button, but otherwise this looks promising.


Hey there TastySouP,

As discussed on the previous forums, we will not be migrating over any existing threads. It’s all fresh from here on out. :slight_smile:


I believe you’ll have to redo the posts.

Great to know, thanks for your time and prompt response!

Cheers! c[~] !


Wheres the downvote button here? This sucks.


No longer a feature.


Helpful hint for now: you can’t post links at all, even text of them, with a low trust level. To get the post to work, you need to highlight the link text and enclose it in code brackets (</> symbol above the post box). Example

 [code] yourtext [/code] 

Once you get to TL 3 you can make full Wiki style guides and embed videos, links, GIFs, etc.

Guide to many of the new formatting features is here


I really appreciate the help and response. But to be honest, with this new change and system, I’m probably going to be done with the forums now :confused: I haven’t played the game in a long time and my guides were kind of the only thing keeping me around. Maybe if I gradually gain a higher Trust Level I’ll get back into it, but we’ll see.


I do love the new interface of the forums, it is a lot easier to replay to comments and easier overall


I loved the new look! Everything is extremely easy and intuitive now. Great job!


I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Hmmm. Trial by error. :confused:

Quoting is not mobile friendly.

Unless it got changed, you can also use a ` (tilde) on both sides of a link to parse it as plain text like this: https://www.twitter.com

Also, I just found a bug in the new forum. It’s disabling OS keyboard shortcuts such as CMD/CTRL-C and CMD/CTRL-V, which is going to make it hard to copy and paste. Thought I’d point that out as it seems to be a bug.

These work on my Mozilla, although I use F1/F2 for copy/paste.

That’s browser specific. I’m referring to OS shortcuts.