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I don’t know who to ask, so i will try with you. What can i do if someone insists on writing false things about me and is offensive to me?

If they actually break the forum code of conduct, use the flag feature to report them. If you can manage to respond and refute the statements without breaking the rules yourself, do so.

If you are finding yourself offended by things that are just a difference of opinion, walk away and take a break.

I have reviewed the post you are concerned about, as well as your previous post history. You have a history of making suggestion threads about D3, but not spamming that I can see. You stick to one thread for quite some time, you don’t keep making new ones. Your threads are often very detailed with many many long writeups about ideas. At times people disagree with you and downvote you, but that seems to be topic specific. I did not review all your posts, but I don’t see you being rude or name calling/picking fights.

I think the person you are upset with in this new forum has you mistaken from a multil account troll from the EU who used to spam the heck out of our forums here. That person also had “Val” in the btag name. Your posting style is REALLY different than theirs. You may go on a bit about your ideas, but you don’t at all spam gibbierish like they did.

Keep in mind, nobody actually can see which accounts are the same exept Blizz. In this case, I would just say something along the lines of “I think you have me mixed up with someone else. Her is my previous post history (445 posts in 2 years)” Diablo 3 Forums

If they double down on the accusations and insults, just flag it and don’t engage. Never let someone bait you :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
This accusation started back on the old forum, and while i didn’t pay this too much attention in the beggining, that guy seem to enjoy too much accusing me to be a troll, to have multiple accounts and therefore to tell everybody this about me, or to ignore my threads\posts because of this, and i don’t want this to continue again on this new forums.
And yes, i just love to discuss about Diablo ideas, i don’t mind at all people disagreeing with me, while they are educated and civil about it. My presence here is only for this mainly, not for trolling, offending or making multiple accounts, this is why i can’t really stand these accusations, they are not true and i want it to stop.

You can report him for trolling which is what making personal attacks and picking fights is covered under.

That said, mistaking you for someone else is not really something that is easy to stop. I have done it before too, much to my embarrassment.

Like I said, just point out he is free to disagree with your ideas, but that he is mistaking you for someone else so just please stop that part of it.

Also, if enough people dislike your posting style you may never be free from criticism. Just don’t spam tons of new topic threads that are similar, don’t beat dead horses, etc. I don’t really think you were the one doing that though - I really think this is a case of mistaken identity.

I know which troll they think you are…and you are not.

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You took my downvote button away. Not cool.


The new forums don’t have this functionality.
Best you can manage is…


Not only that, they add a terrbile function like these ‘trust levels’ so that people really have a harder time commenting and conversing. Its not surprising all in all…its just easier and easier and more acceptable to shut people up and/or stifle conversations. In a way it reminds me of communist China’s socmed personal ratings.
It’s not good enough that people buy the product and use it, but they are now going to have to spend their time completing silly tasks to earn trust on the forum to talk to others. If one doesn’t play ball…their ability to speak is ‘limited’. Nicely done folks.


Trust level 1 takes only 10 minutes of basic reading and such. No posting needed. Once you do that you can post just like you could on the old forums. It prevents spam bots. I am not sure why you find that “stifling”.

The only thing TL 3 gets you is embedded images, gifs, and videos. We never had that on the old forums.


I understand. We don’t have to agree on this, and probably never will. Thanks for the info though.

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I can’t understand if i got TL 2 or not. I posted a link in a topic and it was consented, but when i search with .json on my profile, it gives me only tl0 e tl1. Trying again with youtube…

Old forums are far superior. New forums just have way too much clutter. Less is more. What a tragedy…

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Rejoice KyubiVal… you are now TL 2 !!     :slight_smile:

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I don’t read the forums much due to the amount of naysayers on there, apart from bug reports, there it is usually just full of people complaining.

So imagine my surprise when I go to write a PTR post and find I have to build up to being allowed to post.

WOW, I have been a member of this forum for over a decade and now I start at scratch.

Yep starting from scratch is a massive facepalm. Blizz seems to mess up on everything.

is there a way to report posts/threads? there are a few that have veered way off topic and should be locked/looked at.

Yes, click on the little blue flag under the post you want to report and then pick one of the four reasons it presents you with as the reason you’re reporting it.

Bare in mind that, for some reason, the number of flags you can issue per day is limited by your forum Trust Level.


I used to be on the forums every day a few years back. Now maybe once every month. I like the new format… suppose having shiny new forums is a hopeful sign all around! :beers:


This forum seems more mobile friendly. Also I’m glad to see the back of the downvote button.

I like the general layout and functionality but it’s kinda bothersome that we have to go to a separate forum to read old threads and it’s kind of annoying that our post count was reset. Not to be a whiner, but I personally don’t see the reason for either of those things. I could have done without the added functionality if we would have kept our posts and post count.

Look at me, necroing an old thread. :upside_down_face:

As it’s most relevant here, the old forums are officially coming offline today to maintain our ongoing compliance with GDPR and other online regulations. We’ve been closely monitoring traffic to the old forums and many, if not all, of the threads most commonly being visited have been moved or recreated by the community here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked to keep our digital spaces “up to code,” so to speak. Happy New Year, everyone!