Welcome to the new forums!

Could you specify some reproduction steps? Our web team would be happy to look into it, but we need more context as to your OS/platform/browser or the circumstances under which you’re encountering this. :slight_smile:

Give me a couple mins to check to see if it’s browser specific or OS-wide (I’m in OS X as I run a hackintosh), but someone on Windows like MissCheetah can test there by manually using CTRL-C on say, this paragraph and trying to use CTRL-V to paste it into the editor. If it doesn’t work, it’s platform agnostic. If it does work, then it’s browser specific.

Going to test Firefox now.

Edit: Just rebooted the computer. For some reason keyboard shortcuts suddenly went kaput across the board. It’s working now, so you can disregard and the web team can breathe a sigh of relief and clock out for some beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!

Finally! :grinning: When does the forum link on the main page direct here?

Finally! (I know, I’ve said that in the old forum)

While I’m sad that most of my post counts and other forum-ly contribution will remain in the old forum, I’m glad that we’re on the new forum with a whole lot more options.

Hyperlinks outside of Blizzard will give new life to the posts itself, and I’m glad for this.

That will take a couple of days, from what my sources tell me. In the meantime, you can update your bookmarks to this.

Never was. Status quo there. :wink:

My bookmark goes to the main page for news updates. I’ll just endure until the changeover is complete. I’m a Diablo player so I know patience. :sunglasses:


:sunglasses:welcome everyone

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Done! :beer:

The link I have set up takes me to the D3 Home Page. From there I would click the “Forums” button to enter the D3 forums.

Yesterday, clicking the “Forums” button took me to the old D3 Forums with a link to the new D3 Forums. Today, when I click on the “Forums” button from the “Home” Page it’s taking me to these new D3 Forums. :+1:

I have currently set up a separate link to the old D3 Forums in case I need to transfer threads or posts over.

Sadly the D3 homepage gets updated very rarely (it used to have weekly CRifts blogs two years ago), so bookmarking the forum URL is more useful - you can always get to D3 homepage from Games (top left) -> Diablo 3.

This is true, but I like to check the News before going to the Forums. I would hate to post something and have someone reply that "It’s already done. Read the Home Page." :blush:

For example, I almost missed the news about GOG adding Hellfire to Diablo. I also like to know about Season’s end, new Patches, etc. Checking the News first saves me from some embarrassing posts later.

Besides, getting to the D3 Forums from the Home Page is just a click away. :wink:

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It really depends on how often you visit D3 related forums. I do this every day and learn the news from there, so main page only purpose for me is to leave a comment in some news. But if you visit once a week only, main page bookmark would be better.

Wow, I must say that I really liked the new forum, good job!

Some changes were needed so the discussions could become better, I hope it happens now. With no dislike button, people will need to read and write properly. Moreover, the new website and UI are working far better on mobile Android now.

omg theres a cheers icon now?! c[~] !!! :beer:

They even have clinking beers if you want. :beers: Plus a ton of others!



even better! love it! cheers :beers:

Yeah. I no longer need to use ( ^_^)o自 or ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ ).

Now I just use :beer: or :beers:, respectively.

OMG! I think I’m getting woozy. :dizzy_face: (hehe)

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lol funny people at Blizzard. Now only capable of improving useless minor things like this forum.

improve the game for once.


Hello everyone!! I like the new forum and its options. It is also a lot faster to load. I like it. I hope to see less toxicity from the community members and also more communications from Blizzard. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t hot on this, but I suppose it’s not too bad now that I’m using it.