WD Feed Back PTR 2.7.4

2.7.4 PTR Season 27

WD feedback

Angelic Cruible powers remake / feedback

Locust gargs causes INSANE LAG with locust swarm even worse with shortmans fingers that uses 3x gargs even in solo play let alone in 4 man groups.

Remove locust skill and change to full on dps garg with perma restless giant with humongiod runes and increase dps baseline rune to 100k for testing then reign / buff in to same dps as [Arachyr Spiders build etc] Add butcher chains to gargs to pull enemys in.

Gargantuans have been super weak since Season 4 as a decent push build , i get asked all the time on stream and on youtube when this will be decent again for high gr pushes, the season buff could make this really fun again and viable.

Haunt pull is not working as intended not pulling 50 yards feels more like 15 yards, its very clunky as only 1 haunt can be cast also speed running gr’s etc is horrible!

Replace with Piranhas - Piranhado and constantly pulls in enemies within a 50 yard radius.

Every time you cast Piranhado, you increase the damage % and you gain a Nado stack
Upon reaching 3 stacks, a Bogadile emerges from the depths, executing any enemies below 15% of their maximum HP.
Bosses and Elites receive 50% of the executing effect.

This could be used with the Spirit Barrage , Arachyr Spiders , Jade Etc for push and gr speeds.

Horrify aura gains us 1 gr lvl so super weak ,

Carnevil is a fan favorite build that could use the season buff so replace with,

Fetishes Grant Echoing Fury Legendary Power and Bad Medicine passive.

They have Poison chains that snare and increase x poison damage to affected targets , this will directly buff LoD carnevil and Zuni Carnevil gameplay.

Carnevil only uses 10 fetishes to shoot darts, so the rest of the “Melee” Fetishes could benifit the build be apply some nice much needed powers, dps and utility.

Roe currently does not buff fetish dps , enabling this would give carnevil a decent dps buff as well.

Keep up the good work

Bdd76 and Stream / Youtube Community x


PTR server has always been weak and laggy AF. Live servers are not. The power is good, if it could proc RoE, it would be even better. The LS dmg is buffed by Garg and pet multipliers too since Garg are casting them. An LoD version might be even beefyer.
And as you can see none of the powers give more direct dmg to skills, so why would WD powers be an exeption.

Solid ideas!

I would also like to add to this list that the Arachyr 4 Set needs to be given a buff icon to display when it’s active

I was straight up asked to leave the first and only 4-man public group I joined as Witch Doctor (WD) on the PTR server due to the Gargantuan Angelic Crucible power lag.

What was worse. In that same game prior it was just me and a Necro running Trag’Oul’s (Blood Nova) in a 120 GR and I struggled to survive whilst the Necro cleared flawlessly.

  • Horrify Power is paltry

  • Haunt is so weak I’ve not even yet been bothered to test it based on so many others complaints thus far however I will try a jade set and post my findings.

TL;DR - I Agree overall with BigDaddyDen and WD Powers Need an Overhaul.

I think HT Garg is the only one that needs a major fix. Gargs have often been boring due to you having to stand around and not die, waiting for them to kill.

Tall Man’s needs to be fixed to match Gargs but better for single target damage than all 3 gargs combined.

Additionally, there are 2 sacrifice items but sacrifice is useless due to not being a part of HT 6p. Sacrifice is a Pet exploding. So it should get all the Pet buffs. Anything that buffs dogs.

The cube power sucks too. Having to sit in the spirit realm? I want to be helping the gargs. Anessazi should buff dogs and gargs by like 200%. No more Shukrani’s.

Can then have dogs and gargs, and be sacrificing dogs as a resource and to help mow down certain areas of the enemies.

Gotta have LS proc CoE. And really Garg needs 80% reduced cooldown so we can reposition them more often. That or leash them to your character so they never go further than 20 yards or so.

Point being, I want to DO something while gargs and dogs are there. I want Dogs to be a resource I can use when I want, and how I want. I want already established items to actually have a point instead of being a promise of a build that is impossible to build.

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The Garg sanctified power was obviously introduced to alleviate the issue that every damn WD build needs locust swarm except fetish builds. What’s the point of using your single sanctified power ability on a thing that grants locust swarm if you still need to put locust swarm on your bars?

At the same time both gargs and dogs need massive damage buffs. HT garg even with high paragon clears at a joke level, and dogs are garbage utility pets at best with zero damage.

The Haunt power must be some kind of typo or sick joke. You haunt ONE (or two with the rune) enemy and after several seconds you have that ONE enemy pulled to you? Here is a less garbage version:

  • Haunt can now affect 10 enemies simultaneously
  • All haunted enemies are pulled to the WD after 2 seconds

And it became a super speed farming build whit HT, which WDs also lack.

Making good speed builds should be a far secondary priority for introducing these sanctified powers. Telling a prospective returning player “ya this power will help you farm faceroll rifts but it’s garbage for pushing” is not great marketing.

The horrify power is functional, but the offensive (enemies take more damage) is simply way too weak. The other two powers have serious issues and HT itself needs gigantic buffs to all pet damage.

Hey BDD, used to love your WD vidoes. I’d love to see WDs buffed just to get you to make more. You have great energy!

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you think after 27 seasons they would give witch doctor some love but have to stay consistent. You just play WD if you like cutting yourself.


If nothing else this is what we really need as a permanent fix.


WD sanctified powers are soooo underwhelming, under powered compared to WOL.

Tasker: It doesnt make sense with the current state that Gargs do not gain the full bonus of Taskers, this should just be fixed and Gargs gain what all pets gain.

Replace with Pirandas! I live this idea!
I would like to add: Gargs will be commanded to attack in the Pranado when cast.
-This would be sort of similar to how Necros can control Skeletal Mages to target a specfic elite

Horrifying Aura is terrible as a “power”
-Killing enemies gain “corpse stacks”
-Activating Horrify at X stacks will Rain Corpses etc (similar to S24?)
Similar to how Sader summon angels, keeping with the theme that WD make corpse rain.

Just suggestions, but the aura is QOL at best

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-Increase Damage %
-Have each garg generate its own set of zombie dogs
-Increase Damage %
-Increase pet ai significantly or have them specifically attack your target, or give them a taunt aura effected by swarm
-Increase Damage %
-Perhaps give the thorns passive damage back and some way to leverage it.
Did i mention Increase Damage %? Yes?
Well, Increase Damage %

The other powers are just not good enough at all.

-Increase the damage swing to 25/25 and take a dot that amplifies the longer they are in the aura of effect for horrify.

-Make each haunt cast for 5 targets and have a stun proc when brought to the WD after the 5 seconds that generates a call of the grave underneath you.

Just delete the WD already. Im ready to quit d3 honestly. A decade of seasons and WD still treated like trash. Just remove him so we WD mains can have some closure at least. Such a joke.

If they balanced bottom 30% of the least used everything, incrementally over a year, by 10% of deficit compared to the meta, every month, then that’s like making up 80% or so of the deficit on everything. So that’s all the worst builds doing roughly GR 140 in a year. Almost every bit of gear being useful at something.

But that’s not what the majority are screaming for. The majority want their 1 favorite skill being OP so they can all to a 150 within a few days. And the devs HAVE to appeal to the masses.

You, unfortunately, are insignificant to them. You don’t matter. In fact I bet the devs won’t even find out about your thoughts because the person who vets your posts will stop at “Just delete the WD” when they instantly know you are useless to them.

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Hahaha predicted garg army! Hope this stays NS

Awwww c’mon i liked the Garg swarm better. This is going to be a clunky :poop:fiesta.

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I believe it’s only clunky because of Shukrani’s. I don’t understand it. You are immune, and you get 100% damage, as long as you don’t do anything and don’t go near the big progress elites. And if you don’t use it, you get 1 shot because you need to load up on damage and get a good run with the immunity to get the best result.

It doesn’t make sense. It rewards you for doing nothing, when you want to be sacrificing to help the gargs, when you want to be casting wall of death (seems pointless now) to turn on the set, when you want to soul harvest to survive, when you want to LS to get RoE proced, when you want to Paranado to group them. And they all last about 8 seconds. So then you have to wait for Spirit Walk to come back up while you’re not doing damage. It sucks in my books. GREAT for speed farming!!! But not for pushing.

We need another option. Furnace just isn’t enough damage to warrant the loss of immunity. We have things like EW and Unity and Lacumbra’s and Horrify but the damage loss is not worth it. Henri’s (which is a bit pathetic and means we lose cleave).

Fundamentally, we need 2 things:
1, Anessazi needs to give Dogs and Gargs a buff of about 900% whenever you are physically in the world. Instantly we can drop Shukrani’s and add a couple of damage reduction choices.

2, Fix the AI. Have them attach the biggest enemy in 40 yards. Or just be lazy and leash them to dart to the WD when they are further than 25 yards or so.

Additionally, sacrifice needs to be added to HT and gain all pet damage and Dog damage multipliers, to further help the gargs. That would be Awesome but is not required.

Congrats Blizzard. I actually rolled a WD after the patch!

Garg swarm was much better because of the huge AoE. It didn’t push you out of Shukrani’s. It only had to apply RoE and would’ve been far superior then this Sacrifice💩.

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