Wallpaper: Season 18 - Season of the Triune

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This one is a special one. When blizzard posted up the latest blog for Diablo 3 and about their latest season - Season 18: Season of the Triune. I went and saved the blog artwork for later to reverse engineer the artwork. Now for the special part.

Their twitter account posted to the blog with the artwork in tow. I posted in reply: Time to reverse engineer a wallpaper tonight! Then they replied with the artwork in 2560x1440 resolution with and without the “18”. I did some tweaks to the artwork like extending the wizards arcane blast and then cleaning up the edges of the artwork since there was some extra space on the sides.

Then added my spin on the seasonal wallpaper like past seasons. So thank you to blizzard for posting higher quality versions of their blog artwork and making it available to others.

I also hope you all like my spin on the season wallpaper too!

No logo version: Season 18: Season of the Triune - No Logos


Art & Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard
Wallpaper arranged by me
Original Blog Artwork arranged by blizzard and I added to it.


I was really happy that they posted two versions for everyone to enjoy. I just took the one that worked the best. I was about to reverse engineer what they had. Just pleasantly surprised they did this.

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