Where my epic Diablo IV Wallpapers at?

Dear awesome art people in this community, would you share me some Diablo IV wallpapers for my PC ? I work a resolution of 2560x1140~ I’ll be tryna make my own but my art skill level is quite low;

Thanks if anyone decides to share some Diablo IV walls

Inside of the community creation category of the forums, you will find awesome wallpapers from Holyknight and other users!
Go check em out!


Beat me to it. Holyknight does and awesome job.


I don’t think he has his D4 wallpapers up yet but he is working on them. He mentioned it on Twitter.

He does some great work! Here is his season 18 work using Blizz art as a base and crediting everyone. He has links to his other work websites in the post.


Holyknight is a miracle worker, New D4 Lilith wallpaper is up and ready!

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This has some, make sure you click on the MORE links



OMG thank you so much!

I can’t wait till we got some Diablo IV wall up on the official page as well

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Hey Guys, check this amazing, lovely work:

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Been working on them as we speak!

I have 3 already with cinematic reveal’s soon enough too!

Lilith I: http://fav.me/ddjp63e
Lilith II: http://fav.me/ddjt6se

and just now Lilith III: http://fav.me/ddjzxcq

and stellar work Optimus!

Doing 2 jobs at the same time just kinda slows down the wallpaper making machine!