Valor Too Strong

This build is too strong.
Please tone down the damage.
Not all builds need to be capable of 150s.
150s only creates time attack which isnt fun at all.

S29 : 138
Non Season : 150

The NS clear has 14k+ paragon, that might have a slight effect on the outcome.


Valor is fine. I’d rather not have to farm on another class to maximize my crusader.


Are you legitimately arguing that a GR138 clear is “too strong on damage”?

You’re using a 147 trapped, 137 zei’s stone of vengeance, 136 stricken and have almost 125 augments on all your gear, as well as some perfectly rolled primals that you spent HOURS making with unlimited resources on PTR…

I’d expect you also fished a GR…

you trolling right ?

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they are both played by the same guy.
And the guy said that 150 only needs toughness of 5k paragons to clear 150.

Good joke… 138 clear while there are builds clearing 12 tiers higher at same paragon.

That means these other builds are 5x stronger, yet you complain about a 138 clearing build.

Either all should or none. There should be balance.
Builds should be not more than 5 tiers apart if they are equally geared

Valor is just too strong.
As per the person who did 138 and 150 (S29 and non season respectively), the only issue is S29 doesnt give enough mainstat to give sufficient toughness for it to do 150.

5k paragons is MORE than enough for 150 solo clears.
Of cos, you need to be skillful.

Perhaps, but with 14k+ paragon he did it 13.42. I would imagine removing 45 000 main stat will have a bit of an effect on your damage output.

As mentioned, this build only need toughness to be capable of dealing insane damage.

Currently in S29 Ptr, due to lack of toughness it cannot show the true damage potential .
Valor’s damage is insanely high.

So how come with the added benefit of 45 000 main stat he barely squeaked in a 150?

Valor is weak,plz buff 6P from 20000% to 30000%,don’t forget Reakor can pass GR150 less than 7mins in Non-Season,but Valor can’t,so buff Valor 6p to 30000% plz,this change still benifit to Fist of The Heaven.


I think the same, if you need 14k paragon to barely surpass a GR150 in the established time, it seems like a waste to me

Is this guy trolling? there are two more builds that did Higher GR than FoV. AKKHAN and LON Bombardment surpass Valor FoV. would not be shocked if Cpt America beats it too.


Complaining about strong crusader builds in 2023, what is this I don’t even…

In other news Tal Rasha meteor wiz is still godmode with no changes


SSF Valor speed run 134 in 11mins done.

I rolled your exact setup, with 800 paragon on PTR. Minus the gems at same level as yours which are: 147 trapped/137 zei’s/136 stricken and level 100 augments instead of 125 augments.

It was critting for ~38T for me, I’d assume yours were critting for ~60-75T with your gems being so much higher. That’s not “insanely high” damage… I got a 21Q crit on my wizard during Season 28, THAT is “insanely high” damage.

I’d like to know what you had in paragons, because I don’t see much attack speed in your gear, so FOTH has to be casting slow af…

Also, lets not pretend like you’re not wearing insane gear, the CHC/AD/CDR/FOTH Norvald’s shield your wearing is like a 1:1,000 roll. I tried rolling the same stats on one, with 60,000 primordial ashe (600 rolls) I couldn’t get it.

Bingo! The AS breakpoints is unattainable from gear. Speed pylon : yes

I did not use 150 augments (which will be available on live servers)
This build only needs toughness to dish out its potential damage.

So many people went Squirts. Which is correct. But only when paired with F+R.
Lazy game play will be endless walk + coe.

Squirts + Unity + Gogok = lol.
0 damage

BIS : Elite damage + CHC + CDR + FOH

Even if you had the gear i wore, you cant survive with only 50% damage reduction from Valor set. Lets not pretend you can survive.

Where are you getting breakpoints from?

the difference between 13x125 augments and 13x150 augments is 1625 strength, that’s not going to break the build, it MIGHT cut like 2-3 minutes off your GR time, but that’s not saying much.

what? gogok is a gem?

I never said survivability wasn’t an issue lmao… I said your shield is insane as well as your gear… you have 6 perfectly rolled primals (perfect as in correct stat rolls). It’s highly unlikely you’re going to get those stats on live. Unless of course, you bot. Which I’d assume you do, since you’re on a brand new account and all of your 2/3/4 man groups were done with either korean or chinese players ( I can’t tell with how small the letters are), who are well known for botting.

The simple fact is, the build is insanely weak until you get perfectly rolled items. Most people won’t be pushing higher than 120 with it until weeks into the season.

i already said… Toughness is key for this build to dish out damage.
Even if you have primal gear, you go splat.
A dead sader is a zdps.

Even with GG damage rolls, you cant deal damage unless you know how to play it very well. And every bit of extra strength is Armor. No one cares about the damage. Its all about survivability.