Valor Too Strong

Are you taking me saying “your shield is insane” as “the fact that you’re using a shield is insane”??? I’m talking about the stat rolls on the shield lmao… they’re going to be nearly impossible to get on live.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: I love egotistical foreign people lmao… bro you’re weird. the additional 1625 armor is going to equate to maybe 1-2% more damage reduction. Hardly game breaking.

You fail to comprehend. I already said this build needs toughness to deal damage.
Thats already a very big hint. You need to know how to play this build to realise how strong it is.

lmfao… “yOu fAiL tO cOmPrEhEnD”… bro you’re not a diablo 3 god, the build isn’t hard to comprehend in the slightest. You cleared a decent clear on PTR with unlimited resources by hard fishing a rift and using almost maxed legendary gems. Congrats. You put more effort into the PTR than 99% of people. Bring the ego down a notch there guy.

What was it now, a speed run or an 11 minute clear?

yeah, no condi and no power for boss.
could have been 8mins
Played by the same guy who did 138. So… 134 is easy peasy.

Again, Valor is too strong.
Tone it down. We dont need another build to time attack 150s

You’re talking about 11 minute 134. You need ~12x the damage to do the same in 150.

Far from OP. If anything, you prove that it’s not OP.

Not only does it not speedrun 150, you’re extremely far of from clearing it like this

Like i already said, this build shines with toughness. 800 paras (1000 vit) from paragon board is not showing the true strength of Valor.

You guys fail too listen, fail to see how strong Valor is.

You fail to provide proof.
All I see is a build that lacks damage and toughness to be considered OP.

Doesn’t blast through 130, doesn’t survive 150s…

I will let the Dev decide since they ought to have the numbers already.

No point wasting my breath with some folks who havent tested Valor thoroughly and playing zdps setups (Squirts unity with gogok)

Best setup (going ham) : Squirts F+R with (trapped, zeis, stricken)
Lazy setup (lacking some toughness and need kiting) : Endless walk + coe (same gems)
Terrible choice (prefers tank over damage aka zdps) : Squirts + Unity + coe (gogok)

Let me guess this straight, you are seriously advocating for the nerf one of the decent (A tier) remaining crusader builds because it isn’t a dumpster fire without the altar AND because OTHER classes have multiple competitive builds that are BETTER than valor?


This would be like blizz nerfing down the sunwoko set of monk because innas (the 3000% 6p bonus version) was “too strong”.

The crusader valor set is a wet napkin the moment there is a gap in its defensive cooldown rotation whenever dangerous damage is around. The 50% DR set bonus on valor is a joke compared to numerous other sets, both older and newer, including the godmode Tal Rasha that can mow donw packs safely from a far distance.

Go ahead and throw 1 mil health on the valor build with whatever setup + paragon you wish. You will still be dead meat at just the wrong time.

Hey guys, the raekor set on the barb is pretty strong with a variety of builds inside. Can we please nerf the barb savages set (which is way weaker before and after altar) to the ground to balance the raekor set?

Good thing the D3 dev team is near non-existent, or someone might actually try to decipher the troll thread created here and suggest it to be implemented instead of the 1000’s of REAL D3 balance issues that exist.


Seriously, you are absolutely right, this guy is repeating and repeating that Valor is very strong, I have spent the entire PTR playing and playing with Valor and I have not been able to get past a 120, maybe I am missing hands, but Valor is just fun and very useful for Speed ​​GRs 90s, 100s hopefully 110s, and for T16, beyond that I don’t see it because a build that needs all primal +5000 paragon points to make a GR140 hey it’s a damn joke. In season 30 with the Altar back I think he will be able to do GR150s comfortably but I don’t know if fast.

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The Valor set with an HF focus (as intended by the devs) has some serious issues beyond just the 50% DR bonus:

  • mandatory 2handed weapon with two shields
  • that means you must go heavenly strength as a passive
  • that means you attack very slowly and you lose massive CDR bonus from the fervor passive
  • the crusader class is one giant cooldown rotation fest, and valor dies instantly without near full uptime of defensive cooldown rotation, so the problem is obvious
  • the only viable way to play the valor HF build is near melee focused on the “fires of heaven” rune, in which monsters will be happy to rearrange your paragon 800 face
  • a block focused HF variant of the valor set does not actively use fires of heaven because most of the damage is provided by ivory tower combined with high block chance gear, but this variant has no chance of being successful at paragon 800, more like 3k+
  • did I mention that the valor set is the only one (I think) in which one resource spender (FOH) is used to buff up a second resource spender that actually does the meaningful damage (HF), and the first spender must be used every few seconds?

And you want this house of cards nerfed down because certain other class builds can speed run GR 150 blindfolded? If you know how balancing in RPGs work, you know that you generally bring DOWN powerful outliers, not nerf DOWN builds that are already weak or average. Valor is just that when played properly–it is average (the HF pushing versions). Capping paragon hurts this set tremendously.

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Thats because you fall into the category of " I dont know how to play it correctly"
GR 130 is 1 key for me with 100-125 augments

Let me guess what you and the 99% of people on PTR are using… Gogok + unity.
Thats zdps setup.

You make too many assumptions.

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dmkt, you are also the people who played it wrong.
ask yourself, how many GRs you needed to rip for your 132 clear?
Because you dont deal even the slightest damage until you find a shield pylon for squirts.

4-5 keys on 132. Probably 5 failed attempts at 135, but in the realm of possible within 2 hours.

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and still doing peanut damage because your squirts will never see decent uptime.
try 134 -138

I’ll try GR134 now. Won’t be too long.

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try 134 and beat my time (11 mins on SSF). After you beat 134 in less than 11mins, i will plug in a 135 and clear in the same 11mins in SSF.

Reason for doing this is to prove so many players are using the wrong setup for Valor and claiming Valor doesnt have insane damage.

The 134 is done, but not with the time beat. I’ll just move to the 135.

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