Undecember, a better DI, game to play while waiting D4

Blessed are the simpleminded because Theirs is the World.
Book 13, Psalms 247-249.

As long as i am able to play all content and advance with a reasonable pace in the game, i don’t care if somebody hypothecates his house in order to pay for virtual goods.
The world is full with weak and sick people and we can do nothing about it.
If i want to play PvP i play Starcraft, not Diablo Immortal or even Undecember.
But P2W dynamics is here to stay, whether you like it or not (personally i would outlaw such practice if depended on me).
Now, there are proportions: in DI you can get a 5-Star Gem as F2P by playing an outrageously and ridiculous 10 months (40 Telurics with one Teluric/Week).
If the period would be limited to one or two Months that would be much better.
Just playing with words is a waste of time, world is not black and white, so it is the world of Gaming. Not all P2W’s are the same.


Good example of irony.

P2W has been a thing for decades, I’ve managed to be a gamer for those decades and never played any of them.

All of them are garbage though, sure there might be degrees but it’s still garbage nonetheless.


D:I looks better than this, you can’t even have auto-pickup for free, need a subscription, lol.

I played until I reached the area with the shops. Then I uninstalled. I may have found it worth my time if it were a full priced game with no shop of any kind. Moving on.

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On this many people would agree.

Which, incidentally, is not removed when the game is… so, it is permanent unless one knows how to actually remove the rootkit. This is just all-around awesome.

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Do you guys really think that many people will pay $40~$60 for mobile game?

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Don’t know about that but i meant the PC version.

Yeah I know, but it has a mobile platform for a cross-play (I think?)…so I really can’t see them selling the PC version for $40~$60 and making it free to play for mobile at the same time.

No game for me. It’s mediocre, plays mediocre and feels like it’s not supported for to long.

Glad you put that disclaimer. I totally thought you were getting paid to post 2 sentences in a Diablo forum.

This game blows plus it has malware you need to install. Pay for inventory BS too.

I think people are stll missing my point of recommending this game.

I am not encourage people to play this game LONG term or be serious about . Thats what D4 is for.

I am just saying this is an arpg (if you are tired of D3, D2R PoE or other arpgs currently) you can play while waiting for D4 to drop in a few months, & you can certainly play this CASUALLY while waiting for hell to decent, without paying for anything.

I get the concern if you plan to be serious about the game, which is fair, but I am not saying you should take thr game seriously.

If you can bypass the P2W, there are some gme design that are very well done.

if you are a theorycrafter, & love arpg design, its certainly a gem worth palying & studying IMO.

I think you’re missing the point that the game installs a root-kit (Game Guard) which means that a lot of people, even if they might have been interested in seeing the gameplay, will immediately dismiss this game because they’re uninterested in having that nonsense installed just to play it.


Yeah, I’d be very leery of installing any software that piggybags a shady rootkit with it.

I can’t get passed character creation, name already in use
half a dozen names and still nothing
Well if you don’t want me to play

I am quite enjoying the game. Yes I bought some stash. I spent more on stash playing POE so I don’t see the problem. It has quite an extensive campaign that is not cringe like Lost Ark. It is far less P2W than DI and has an extensive crafting and skill system. For me it’s a good time waster while awaiting D4.

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After this post there is nothing more to say. Precise concise and final. Personally i would add that if D4 would not be at the height (Build diversity → 200 Runes, Paragon → Zodiac etc) i would not even bother to try the D4. Why? Undecember is already here. As for nice graphics and various eye-candy, i don’t care that much. If i could i would have simply played POE that has outclassed everything Diablo.

exactly my thoughts the game is about as interesting as watching grass grow

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People who say this have no time in the game. I actually takes while to see what is there you know like with most good games. The combat is really pretty good and it gets harder as you progress. You need to think about defenses IE: resistances, armour, etc. like Grim Dawn/Titan Quest. I have 1000’s of hours in these kinds of games. This one is far from the worst but you won’t see that in the 1st hour that’s for sure. Fun wise it blows DI right out of the water.

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