Undecember, a better DI, game to play while waiting D4

Do you appreciate the endgame activities, and why? What makes it better or worse than say D3. And how much ca. must you spend to have enough qol to not be annoyed with the game?

I have similar viewpoints as Wudi, acknowledge there are P2W, but okay if play casually (not competitively)

The game has beefy 10 acts & you can enjoy the game like a single player one time experience at the minimum, without spending a dime.

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Apparently, this wasn’t applied to DI because it was created by Blizzard. :rofl:

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It probably also mattered that D:I was just a bad game, even without the P2W.
But afaik wudijo and other streamers did play D:I in the beginning, so this seems to be a repeat, rather than different treatment. Hopefully they get around to abandoning this one quickly as well.

They will all be abandoned when D4 drops.

They are fillers. No serious Arpg gamers will play them over D4, unless D4 turn out to be complete garbage. Unless its Asmongold, making 10 videos & 15 reaction videos why D4 sucks beofre moving on to the next clickbait.

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Actually, I did. he made some good points. /shrug

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So you’re prone to redefine things as you see fit? Yeah, that’s not smart.

And he is free to express his thought about certain subjects. At least we knew there were 3 people cares. :+1:


Very good question. I haven’t got to the endgame yet as the campaign is hearty and very enjoyable so I’m taking my time. Also the bosses at the end of each act get progressively harder (souls like hard) so you want to be a high enough level to take them on. This is the best campaign I have encountered in a long time unlike that **** in LA which is the most annoying PITA I’ve come across.

I spent about $70 ca. (including tax) to get the 2 stashes you need the most: essences and materials which relieves the annoyance for the most part. The pet is entirely optional but it does help and you get a free 7 days to try it out and see if you like it. I’m left with 720 diamonds which you can use for various things including: a month more of the pet (400 diamonds) or increasing your backpack storage etc.

All and all I have over 40 hours in and feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth already. A normal AAA game is up to $80 ca and how long do you get out of that?


Wrong forum. Can we keep this forum for Diablo 3 plz.


Nobody goes to the other forums and it’s not like there’s a lot happening in this one. What’s your problem? Just ignore the thread if you don’t want to read/participate.


I got 10 years out of D3.


Me too I been here since the so-called beta and I hope we get as much out of D4 but those are extreme rarities.


If it has multiplayer, thousands of hours, pure single player games that I tend to play measures in the hundreds at least.

You know the question was kind of rhetorical guys. It will possible to get as many hours as you want out of Undecember as well. The point was comparing what I spent relative to other games out there. Back to another thread $70 gets you 1 round of golf at a middle of the road golf course so 4 to 5 hours.

You gave 40 hours as a benchmark though, and that’s a fraction of what a good AAA title gives.

I said I had 40 hours into it so far I never said anything about a benchmark but whatever. I’m going to do us both a favour here. I really don’t like your style. You never know when to quit so the beauty of the internet is I don’t have to deal with people like you. I’m way too old for that. Ignored.


You said you had 40 hours and that made it money well spent, so that’s a benchmark.

Being factual? Yeah, I can see that.

More like being a dik

Who says it has to be a AAA title for me to put thousands of hours into it as long as I like it who cares what anyone else likes

and if a AAA title isn’t my type of game I’m not going to buy it just because it’s AAA


Sure, you can, but most indie titles does not have that much content. I have a bunch of AAA games that I’ve yet to 100% with hundreds of hours in them. You can play minesweeper for 10 000 hours if you want, that’s irrelevant for the point though.