Undecember, a better DI, game to play while waiting D4

Believe the hype, the game is good. Far better tha DI imo (playing demo), gears, cfating, skill linking (a bit likle PoE), Grim dawn like zodic passive tree etc.

Also combat is tight!!!

This will be the arpg I will be palying until D4.

It is release 12 Oct on steam & mobile.

Note; I am not paid for this, just sharing


From what I can tell it also utilizes a P2W monetization scheme, so no thanks.


I’ll take a hard pass on that.



Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: nProtect GameGuard


Since GameGuard essentially works like a rootkit, players may experience unintended and potentially unwanted side effects. If set, GameGuard blocks any installation or activation of hardware and peripherals (e.g., a mouse) while the program is running. Since GameGuard monitors any changes in the computer’s memory, it will cause performance issues when the protected game loads multiple or large resources all at once.

Installing a root-kit with known performance issues? Yeah, no thanks.


There is a lot of pay for convenience, which some people said is lite P2W, but its a far cary from DI.

also, importantly, the game is fun, & has depth. Production quality is far better than game like Last epoch & wolcen, visually, & combat wise, better than PoE.

Also, i never claimed it to be a long-term investment game. hence “the game to play” until D4 launch in a few months time.

At least in the demo, except the pitiful storage space, there is no need to pay for anything.

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But also installs a root-kit like anti-cheat program.

This performs similarly to an anti-virus product in terms of how low level it is and the memory / process monitoring it does. However, the difference is in how it functions.

Anti-virus products have a black-list, i.e. processes that are known to be from malicious content, and they’ll prevent those from running and any processes that are not on the black-list are allowed to run. This is “If I don’t know you’re bad, I’ll let you run.”

Game Guard has a white-list. This means only processes that are on the list are allowed to run and any processes which are not on the white-list are prevented from running. This is “If I don’t know you’re okay, I’ll stop you running.” This can result in perfectly valid applications being prevented from running because they’re not (yet) on the white-list.

I don’t care how good a game is if it does this sort of nonsense.


Lol swapping one p2w for another p2w…are you high?

Rhetorical question…


From what I played of the demo it’s all spectacle and no substance.

and as others have said, it’s P2W.


Just no lol no no no


Ok, we know that DI is a success now when people start to promote its “killer”.

What is a Blizzard game without its “killer”, right? :rofl:

Wow has its “killer”
D3 has its “killer”

And now when mobile arpg has its “killer” too. :+1:

The whole “killer” thing completes Blizzard games… like yin and yang.


But one thing for sure modern smartphone has become so powerful now that they can create this kind of graphic and gameplay level, which is really impressed me.

Candy crush is also P2W & I spent a grand total of zero bucks.

The point being, I think undecember is a good stop gap arpg before D4 launched soon.
You can play without spending moeny if you play only causually.

I don’t encourage or like P2W, but perspective matters.

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“Better than D:I” truly does not say much :joy:

From what I have heard (which is not much, as the game seemed bad), the game is more like Lost Ark? Like basically a copy paste. And not like PoE, Wolcen, Last Epoch, Diablo 4 etc.

Edit: Lol, okay, it copies PoE in terms of selling all kinds of Stash space. About $150 to unlock stash space and similar :crazy_face:

And, yeah, it is pure P2W trash. They essentially have RMAH. Paying for a “trade key”.
As well as selling power directly. They are literally selling gear. And crafting mats.

You get 3 character slots by default. Additional ones cost ~$8. :exploding_head:
Dear lord.
Being better than D:I seemed like a no-brainer. Nearly any activity in the world is better than D:I.
Not sure this one manages to however.


I was going to try that game, but then I read that it has a really bad P2W scheme so I decided not to.

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I played on kr server (eng patch+vpn), got to end game (maps) as f2p with no problem. The inventory management it’s a bit tedious but you will learn what to filter out.

I like how the majority here pontificates "I heard, I saw in Ytube, …but I do not play the game, "…
Please, if you do not spare the embarrassement for yourself, spare us that play the game this drivel.
As real people instead of clowns have observed: this game can be called: Soft-P2W. Personally i would not even call it that way. It is simply P2C that mean: Pay to have Convenience.
Game is superb and makes DI a bad joke in nearly all departments. The depth, gear, near infinite customization, Zodiac, Rune system with Skill and Link Runes (a echo of Skill and Support Gems in POE) is what is needed and more from D4.
I play heavily DI (exclusive F2P, Hell 5, 5700CR, 630 Resonance and 277 Paragon), but have switched to Undecember and will play both.
If D4 would not be as good or better than Undecember Gear/Zodiac/Rune-System/Mastery then they will be in for a big surprise.


No one cares.


That is interesting input. Thanks for sharing your thought on this.

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I know, but that is reciprocal.

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You missed the point. It’s factually a P2W game, that you want to define it as something else is entirely irrelevant.