UE Multishot needs buff 4tiers

As the Gears of Dreadlands buffed 4 tiers ,UE Multishot needs buff 4tiers(1700→3000%),otherwise, I think few players wants to play this set.


DH’s already had three sets buffed this patch relative to the S26 (not strafe) versions because the new Nat’s will likely be S-tier power. They don’t need more buffs when the crusader got completely ignored and the WD got 99% ignored.

I know that probably 95% of the “casual” playerbase plays DH’s, but we don’t need to make the dev favortism too obvious.


Not fer nuthin’, but the DH was ignored for a good long while before GoD became a thing. Had no place in 4-man’s, all sets were the weakest, and so and so on.

The Witch Doctors are where DH’s used to be. It’s a shame they only had one season when they were the top build though. Back when Fire Bats was a thing. I can see whey they’re upset.

On the other hand, Crusader had the strongest build for 3 consecutive seasons before they nerfed some shield or another that stopped acting like a beefed up Stricken.

That said, I played Crusader last season and wasn’t too pleased that the theme didn’t do anything for the new Akkahn. I would hope they get something for this season.

But just sayin’, class warfare isn’t necessary. And they buffed UE for this upcoming season to make it a decent build and then buffed GoD so that to me it outclasses UE again. Though there might be some builds where UE can get close.

Point is, just asking for UE which was buffed anyway to be upped a little further isn’t asking too much.

I hope the Crusaders get something though and Witch Doctors need a lot of help.


We all need to use the set… if only to get one of the four tomes needed for the Altar.
As Jalantha implies, all sets don’t need to the strongest(!).

Just happened to see Wudi’s latest season 28 class ranking. He ranks solo pushing: Nats > Marauder > UE > GoD

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Yes, on youtube. He has some bold claims in that video.

I fully agree with this based on my own experience on non-season PTR.

For completeness:

N6 > M6 > UE6 > GoD6 > S6 > LoD/LoN

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Yes. GoD is way stronger on speeds and penalized hard with piercing cap on high densities, unlike UE can heard big packs.

Momentum cap thingy to kill past GoD bug also negatively impact high density build ups with heavy affixes. GoD is very bad for pushing.

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To be honest the set should be 3400%. UE is fun but it still feels weak for GRs, got 4096ish paragon non season and I am struggeling at gr 120+ with elites. Deadman’s Legacy needs to be reworked. Maybe have it hit twice when monsters are below 75% life or maybe always regardless of their life?

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GoD survivability sucks at higher tiers and maintaining momentum is a tedious and useless mechanic. If strafe can maintain wraps of clarity it should work the same way for momentum.

The altar nodes should help a good deal on survivability. Agree on the pain in playing GoD. After playing the impale a lot in s27, which wasn’t too bad with strafing, it was a chock to play the buffed GoD on normal again! (That’s why I go wizard this season for a change).

Yeah, just waiting for challenge rift to reset so I can continue. Sadly it seems I’ve gotten to a point where Diablo 3/4 is probably more of a controller game for me, my hands can’t handle it, hell even a few years back when I played impale and hota barb my hands hurt, I can play wow all day everyday and never have issues.

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I completely understand that. My hands generally ache from work (getting old sucks) which led to not playing D3 for some time. Picked up a Switch this fall and it was great to be able to play again. Console version definitely needs some love from Blizz but it’s definitely better than not being able to play. One of the highlights for me is being able to stop playing without having to shut down. If I have bounties that I didn’t finish in the last session I can pick right up where I left off.

Having just fully auged a GoD dh @ 1500 para, I’m kinda disappointed in the 120 speed clears. They are pretty slow with all buffs from maxed out altar. I believe last season sanctified Impale with an In Geom, I was blowing the socks off 120’s @ 1800 para. GoD does push better than last season tho.

Yeah I just swapped from GoD to UE Multi cause it’s just too slow on 120 for me.

Any non-multishot UE builds that can push?

UE6 Hungering Arrow is pretty good and competitive with Multishot. Play ranged, DO NOT overpull — line up your enemies as if you are playing pool, one behind another.

UE6 Grenades is close behind, about -2GRs and feels fishy, but completely different and refreshing.

I don’t think UE6 Bolas is safe to play, but you can try it.



Does the Spray of Teeth rune offset Devouring 's trouble with big groups? Seems like overlapping AoE might calc to the DHs advantage.

It’s comparable to Shatter Shot – unfortunately neither are on the level of Devouring Arrow.