Uber diablo event will never happen

Fishy love Sojs :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

The idea of not having SOJs is making me feel anxious and small

Anni’s value would be significantly higher than sojs, so people will be selling, as they always have. But as a solo player selling 120 sojs are both unrealistic and uneconomical, but if people come together to spawn him, as we always have, it is worth selling a few sojs to get the much more valuable Anni.

Well, then you should never be able to spawn uber diablo, only trade for the charm.

I hate to agree with Tsuko, but an SOJ is worth more to me than an Annihilus charm.

It’s 75-100 SOJ’s per the server… He’ll spawn, probably quite often. SOJ’s are nice, but they aren’t usually best in slot.


I like the idea of it being random. Something like every 500 SoJs identified spawns Dclone. That would make it still very rare and mostly only rich players will have them, but it will be possible for the average joe to get lucky as well.

Hopefully dupes won’t happen again. If they do it would be more likely annis will be getting duped than the SoJs.

The thing is: who in his sane mind will sell a SoJ to merchants?

I will lol… I only need a few for builds, and a few for socketing in Classic, but nonladder will have tons of SoJs not being used after the ladder season.

People who only play ladder will gladly sell sojs to merchants.

That makes absolutely no sense, but okay. Each to their own i guess. Still doesn’t mean anni’s should be free.


No, problem is people dupped sojs and highrunes, at least in the old days.
The reason is sojs they can sell to vendor for clone, so they avoid being patched, etc. Same with highrunes, they dupped and convert to next in cube, so new one created is leggit and they dont risk losing their dupped anni or highrune…

I hope with new battlenet Blizzard can detect sooner and also ban more. Fortunately there are not free accounts anymore, so bans now are at least better than before in that regard. For some people being banned and buying another acc doesnt matter, but Im pretty sure that will stop more pindlebots, enchant bots, baalbots, tppks, maphacks and many other things like dupping etc.

I hope we can at least have a month or couple of months free of cheats.

that’s unlikely but i think we can expect a reduced number of cheats for a little while at least.

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I know exactly what happened, I was there back in the day.

I’m saying if dupes happen again it will be runes and Anni getting duped, not SoJs.


Same with highrunes, they dupped and convert to next in cube, so new one created is leggit and they dont risk losing their dupped anni or highrune…

Oh I see what you mean now. Still I think anni and high runes will be getting duped more. Even if they get poofed it won’t matter to them because they would already have sold the duped items, and Anni would likely be worth more than soj.

So far the information is the same as before. However, it may change in the future.

well the half of the info we have is the same we have to see how they handle the whole IP thing.

We know they are changing the entire bnet backend because it is world wide now we just don’t know how they are handling breaking it down for the boss spawn.

It could be ~75~120 world wide or based on region or based on something else we just don’t know.

I only mention this because the distinction of how they break up the spawn “group” will change if uber diablo feels spawn able or not.

I propose they put a black Diablo icon on any public game that spawns Uber Diablo. That way when the community organizes a spawn, if you were unlucky and didn’t get the spawn in your IP, you should leave your game and go look for a public game.

This way it gives someone that sold a Soj a fair shake at fighting for the Anni. It’s not a total lose lose situation for them.

How do you expect to get them then?

VV will keep an eye on the amount of SoJ’s sold to vendors in both ladder and non ladder online play. If they need to make any changes then they will do just that. If it is changing the rate SoJ’s drop. Or they will decrease the number of SoJ’s that need to be sold.

This will be part of the beauty of playing single player. You’re practically trading 1 soj for a random stat anni.

I’ll take that deal any day.

Disagree. Not at first sure, but with time the market will get flooded with every item even SOJs. I like the idea of long term goals, and things to keep people in the game. Instant gratification is what you intuitively want, but often our own intuitions lead us astray.
You dont need an anni in the first 2 weeks. You could play a year without one, and its just harder but easily doable.