TurboHud, Bannable or Not?

Blizzard has done the following with exploits:

  1. nothing
  2. condemn and warn with nothing else. (usually done as they fix an exploit very quickly)
  3. suspension (temp ban)
  4. permanent ban

Bots have been traditionally permabans. Minor or limited exploitation use can be a warning / temp ban (some as long as a month). If there is gratuitous use of an exploit, that usually results in a permanent ban.

Yeah this topic was on Botting and touched on the 3rd party software subject only though, those are both permanent license ban.

Botting has always been a permanent ban.

3rd party programs are all over the place, but yes it is either no action, or permanent ban at this point.

Since Blizzard has not come out very strongly about THud in the past, a temp ban might be appropriate as a first warning.

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@ Matthew Cederquist

When can we expect the official and precise statement you promised to give?

I am currently ranked 23 and i play totally legal, without any maphacks, macro or autohotkeys.
I would appreciate some actions against such cheating tools.

Peace :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This wasn’t the intended time we were planning on giving it, but we feel the need is expedited. You can read more in this thread here.

Going to add in here: this is a post regarding our stance, but not the actions we have taken yet regarding this particular topic (though it’s adjacent). That’s still in progress. Apologies for any confusion.



Finally! Thank you!!

Banning people using turbohud would be a great thing! Yea it has some cool features but its clearly a cheat. People being able to see the map exit and pylons and how much progress you have in each room are an advantage to people that play without it! Good to see you finally taking actions Blizzard!


It is sad honestly that threads like this miss the forest for the trees. Is TurboHud a problem? Yes. But is it the problem plaguing the Diablo franchise? No.

The problem is botting. Before the botting apologists say “Oh just don’t look at leaderboards and okay your game” - this isn’t the point.

Bots are primarily used in D3 to farm bounty mats on secondary accounts that are bought from players (for cheap) who quit the game. You buy an account cheap say for 10 bucks then you get it to a stage where it can farm (you can use multiple accounts to make it faster) thousands of bounties. Often the botter will have a separate main account that then gets invited to those games by the bots for free T16 bounty mats say every 10 minutes or so.

As good as infinite rerolls in the cube is the goal. Ever wonder how some of those guys are - season after season - simply the most lucky when it comes to loot drops? Wonder no more. This process is called “cookies” depending on the region you play.

If botting is going to be combatted it must be combatted in its most insidious forms - not just the obvious botters seen on Leaderboards but the many many more facilitating the play of a large portion of Diablo players.

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It should be bannable i think. Or give these features to everyone so we dont need third softwares.

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Shame there so called stance is unclear. Should not and No its bannable are different things.

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There is nothing unclear about their stance. THUD violates their rules. It is bannable. The only question is if/when a ban will happen.


The reason they don’t comment on specific products is they don’t want you to have a defense, they keep to the principal of what they are banning. If for instance they said THUD is bannable, then you use a THUD clone and get banned you could state “hang on you said THUD is bannable, you didn’t say the THUD clone is bannable”.

This is like you wanting the government to create a law to state what you can and can not steal, rather than the government saying you can’t steal and if they are not specific then it is fine.


When is the “very near future” you mentioned in your opening reply?

basically, since you don’t record yourself playing and using thud and don’t send that video to blizzard as evidence to frame you, nothing will happen, just keep low profile and dont put urself in the ladderboards too high, anyways im not playing this game anymore since lag, bugs, glitches and many issues that lately have made this game unplayable, so there is no more fun for me with d3, even using that kind of crap (thud), better go play destiny 2 is free and is a lot more funnier

These words means nothing to me.

Thud has been around for years, and all I’ve seen is complaint threads been locked or taken down by your team, nothing more nothing less. And meanwhile the thud users grow rapidly.

So when you say this, I want you to define near future, cause until then I choose to simply discard your words.

A blog post on D3 is coming this year. That’s near future for me.

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