Those of you downloading Diablo IV now

Be sure to review this thread if you haven’t on advice to hopefully avoid any issues at launch:

Good luck and game on!

Another note.

If you are not going to be playing on 4k or 2k screens, don’t download the Hi Res packs. You can deselect this prior to installing during the setup portion.


What other kind of screens are there?

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Not everyone has those screens. Most players believe it or not have standard HD 1080 or 1K.

Including me. I do have a 4K TV to play it on, but most of the time will just use the Predator Gsync 24" HD monitor.

Someday I may upgrade if and when I want to.

The other two machines are laptops and both are just standard HD.

So believe it or not, most players are probably only going to need the normal res packs. But they can get the hi res anytime they decide to change their screens for an upgrade.

I have no reason to change mine, it works perfectly as is for now. lol

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1080 is the vertical resolution.
Pixel resolution is 2k: 1980x1080 → 2k
The so called “4k” monitors have a pixel resolution of 8k: 3840x2160.

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1080… (HD)
2560x1440… Referred to as 2k, but that’s actually incorrect. 2K actually refers to 2048x1080. And certainly not 1920x1080.

3840x2160… 4k (from rounding up the 3840)

Their naming nomenclature is dumb, lets agree on that.

My point was, anything above 1920x1080 would need the high res packs. Otherwise, you don’t need them.

Game on.

The full game is available for download now, if you click on Diablo 4, the install option isn’t grayed out anymore. Pretty sure this is new today because I’ve been trying to DL the client on a different computer that didn’t have the betas.

it is new. I am downloading it now. But now, I want to buy a 4k monitor! dag nabbit!

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Oh boy here we go. Nice hijack OSC…

Thanks for the info Ace!

I should point out that some players have been using the beta to offset the download, but I personally don’t trust this.

What that means, is the game would pull data from the beta and only download between 4-7GB instead of 40-90.

But. While that might work, it also might cause launch issues. No certainty there, so obviously do what you need to at your own leisure.

For those with data caps, it may help there. But just be forewarned that if you do have issues at launch, you may have to delete and re-download it anyway.

This was from this thread over on D4 forum:

You want a clean install. Trust me on this.

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I agree. But others have found a “shortcut”. So I had to mention it, even if I think its a risky thing to try. And I noted as such. But if it works for them, more power to them I guess.


Nah, I am not downloading it right now!

Because… first I am at work (shh… ) but then, I also already downloaded it yesterday…
Seeing as I played all 3 betas without any problems, I don’t think I need any “help” :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fine. But I would highly recommend removing the prefs file from the Diablo IV folder in Documents.

Just in case they made changes to the graphic settings. It might be best to let it reset a new default file the first time you open the game.

DCI 4K: 4096x2160
UHD 4K: 3840x2160 (2 times the resolution and 4 times the pixels of Full HD)
UHD 8K: 7680x4320 (4 times the resolution and 8 times the pixels of Full HD)

My monitor: ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920 x 1080 1ms (GTG) 144Hz (x 2)

I bought these in 2015 and they still dope! (dope term use case: adjective)


When you think it will cost you 650.00 for a 4k monitor 144 refresh rates, 1150.00 for RTX 4080 or better, and probably a more powerful power supply you may reconsider. If not your entire PC altogether needing replaced.

This would make your 70 dollar video game a 2000–3000+ dollar video game.

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Very true.

As it stands right now, I just got done today (to a point) where I built an i9 system for less than 1500.

Now, I already had a case that I had been using for my previous large tower, a Cooler Master HAF.

I had a brand new in the box Corsair AX1200i PSU that was given to me a couple years ago.
Already had a 2TB SSD, a 4TB HDD, a BluRay drive, and a media bay.
Already had the Acer Predator 144 monitor, Razor Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones.

So I bought a new motherboard, MSI Pro with z790 and DDR5 support.
New 12900K CPU
Used RTX 3070 Ti
New 32GB DDR5 6500 kit
New Kingston Fury 1TB NVME
New MSI AIO 360
Already had Windows Pro code for 11.

$1331.51. That also included a couple of 140mm fans. Not bad for a decent performing i9.

Game on.

that same exact realization came to me as I started shopping for a new monitor. LOL