Think What You Will, But I Want This Feature!

Not really sure why this guy asked a question if he doesn’t want people’s answers, right?

It’s because the answers given reveal that the answerer has no conception of the problem I describe or my complaint and request that arise from it. For example:

“… the unique tell you what they do.”

Well, in this game they’re called Legendary items, and no kidding, for ones that have a Legendary power, they have orange text at the bottom of the item property dialogue that describes it. Big deal. I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the fact that looking at the item, there’s no way I can know whether the item is part of an Armory build or not.

And make my own notes on paper? That means for three different Marauder’s Visage helms, I am supposed to get a piece of paper, make a note of every single property and its value for each of those items, and note whether each of those items is part of a build or not, and if so, which one. So you’re suggesting I have, what, a 3 x 5 index card file with hundreds of entries describing every piece of gear in my inventory so that I can refer to that to determine whether or not the item is part of a build or not? Did you even think about how what you are suggesting would work? Imbecilic!

First of all, I’m pretty sure that this guy is using voice recognition software and the phrases “top roll” and “second roll,” are supposed to be ‘top row’ and ‘second row.’

But once again this guy doesn’t understand how the armory works. Sure you can have all your gear beautifully organized as he says, providing you don’t play more than three classes, and you’ll know that in those particular tabs on those particular rows you’ll have items that belong to this or that particular build.

But I don’t think this guy thought about the fact that when you swap builds in the Armory it doesn’t put stuff back where it got it from, it puts stuff back where it gets the next item from; it swaps items, it doesn’t return items to where they came from. That means after swapping builds a few times, you have a complete mess in your stash with pieces of different sets of different builds scattered everywhere. And if you’re like me, as I described the outset, where you have seven basic builds of one class, as you progress through the game and pick up various pieces of gear, you invariably forget which ones were supposed to go with which builds. I don’t care how good your organizational skills are, after one evening of even moderately active play, your stash is going to be a mess.

Tell me how your ‘one row of this’ and ‘one row of that’ superior organizational skill is going to help in that situation?

My only current solution is to occasionally take every piece of gear off and throw it on the ground, load the next build, take those pieces off and throw them on the ground, and continue until I don’t have a single piece for a single build left in my stash. And the Armory will tell me that. Then I can start over by organizing what’s in my stash into one area, pick everything up off the ground, and put it back in the stash in another area. All the time praying that Blizzard doesn’t decide to disconnect me with everything I own laying on the ground.

So to get back to the original question; yeah I want the answers, sure. But I want opinions and ideas and responses from people who first understand what the problem is, and second, understand what my position is on that problem. Half the guys that replied here obviously don’t.

You know, throwing around ad hominem insults really takes away from the purpose of this thread, which is actually a reasonable and valid request.

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Oh so you can take the effort to make special tabs that would help organize things. Even having a special tab that isn’t a dump tab where it would put the gear that you switched out of. Then at the end of the day you can put it back in those special tabs. A place for everything and everything has its place as the saying goes, at least that is what my father told me many years ago.

With an organized stash you will not have any problems at all.

And if you play more than three classes each with 10 builds in the armory then you have even more of a problem than I thought. You probably couldn’t even hardly switch builds without dropping gear on the ground.

Besides that why not ask Blizz to change the armory where it doesn’t put things all over the place. Where it puts what you are switching from in the place where the gear you are switching to is from. That way my idea of organization would work just fine.

That’s what it does now.

To make your idea work, and to make the whole Armory system better, the Armory should put gear back where it came from, not where the piece it is swapping to came from. That way you could put a piece of Armory gear in a location, and no matter how many times you swapped to different builds, that one piece would always be in the stash where you put it, unless it was currently equipped.

I was saying the idea was imbecilic, not the person. Maybe I should have used more or smaller words so you could understand them better.

(lol…see what I did there?)

[just having you on there, though…:slight_smile:]

Statement: Your idea is imbecilic.
Implication: You are an imbecile.

Maybe you should just stop implying people are imbecilic because they disagree with you.

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But if I say, “The sun is bright today,” and someone replies, “No, most water in a lake looks blue,” then they clearly don’t understand what I’ve said.

The fact is that if there is any player who does not recognize this problem or does not agree with me that the item dialog and Armory would benefit greatly from my proposal, then one or both of two things is true: they don’t understand what I’m talking about, or they don’t play the game enough to know what I’m talking about. Period. It isn’t a matter of opinion or degree.

You say think what you will and when they do you call them imbeciles
So much for thinking what we will
Sounds more like an agree with me post or I will call you names
What’s the point of putting think what you will when that’s the last thing you want them to do

Then don’t ask for people to think what they will or is that a way for you to attack people that don’t agree with your way of thinking and laying prostrate at your feet

So , if i read correctly , you want turbohud features on the game ?
Is it so difficult for you to look, after the farm, what you have on your legendary’s or set pieces with the book ?
Is it so difficult for you to compare 2 stuffs ?

My think is TurboHud users must be warned of using it , it’s not a good feature to be able to instant see what we loot and all the rift map.

good game

Just for your information, the subtext of that phrase is,
“Whatever you think is irrelevant.”

The first reference I can find to the phrase is in Shakespeare, Richard II, Act 2, Scene 1. King Richard II says to the Duke of York:

Think what you will, we seize into our hands

His plate, his goods, his money and his lands.*

The popular interpretation of this passage, according to SparksNotes, is:

Think whatever you want, but we’re going to seize his money and all of his property.

The implication is that whatever the Duke of York thinks is unimportant, irrelevant, not worth considering. So the title of my post is not an invitation to assert your opinion, it is a warning that no matter what it is, it will mean nothing to me.

*Note the structure of these lines. Each one contains exactly ten syllables. It is a form of poetry called “iambic pentameter,” where there are 5 “iambs” per line. I have never been able to figure out the separation of the rhythmic beats of each line (I don’t think it is one beat per two syllables), but there are nevertheless ten syllables per line, and Shakespeare wrote most of his works in this style. There are deviations, however, among and within all his works.

if you don’t want others posts , i suggest you mail your idea to Blizzard directly .

we’re on a forum and everyone can speak and put arguments for or against your idea .

Sorry for you , you’re not a king or a god . Just a random player like all of us .

good game


It’s fascinating to see how much players differ when it comes to ease of play. Some thinks green numbers will destroy the game, others want THUD implemented to be able to think less.

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And yet you found it necessary to abuse people for disagreeing
Did King Richard abuse the Duke of York because the Duke of York would of had something to say about it even if it makes no difference

But he likes to think he is and you get abused for disagreeing

Next he will be demanding bots be made legal so he doesn’t have to play at all

Perhaps you should read the stickies again…

The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics.

If you made a thread which specifically doesn’t care about a discussion, and is purely a statement, which you’ll insult other people for disagreeing with, then your thread doesn’t meet this requirement.

I certainly didn’t say I didn’t care about any discussion of the topic, I said I didn’t care about other’s thoughts on the topic, thus, think what you will, I want this feature.

It seems to me that everyone is getting ruffled because I don’t give their replies any import, or that I try to enlighten those who just don’t seem to understand the topic, or the way the Armory works, or the way the game works…

If you dont care about other’s replies then why are you replying to them.

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^^ :slight_smile: Touche! Well done.

I already said I agreed with your request for the feature. The ruffling is due to you calling one of the replies which doesn’t agree with you, which you apparently don’t care about, imbecilic.

^^ Oh. ok, sorry. :neutral_face:

They closed the corndog thread, but my last post was referring to Vienna Beef hot dogs not being Kosher…of course Hebrew Nationals are!