Think What You Will, But I Want This Feature!

So , if i read correctly , you want turbohud features on the game ?
Is it so difficult for you to look, after the farm, what you have on your legendary’s or set pieces with the book ?
Is it so difficult for you to compare 2 stuffs ?

My think is TurboHud users must be warned of using it , it’s not a good feature to be able to instant see what we loot and all the rift map.

good game

Just for your information, the subtext of that phrase is,
“Whatever you think is irrelevant.”

The first reference I can find to the phrase is in Shakespeare, Richard II, Act 2, Scene 1. King Richard II says to the Duke of York:

Think what you will, we seize into our hands

His plate, his goods, his money and his lands.*

The popular interpretation of this passage, according to SparksNotes, is:

Think whatever you want, but we’re going to seize his money and all of his property.

The implication is that whatever the Duke of York thinks is unimportant, irrelevant, not worth considering. So the title of my post is not an invitation to assert your opinion, it is a warning that no matter what it is, it will mean nothing to me.

*Note the structure of these lines. Each one contains exactly ten syllables. It is a form of poetry called “iambic pentameter,” where there are 5 “iambs” per line. I have never been able to figure out the separation of the rhythmic beats of each line (I don’t think it is one beat per two syllables), but there are nevertheless ten syllables per line, and Shakespeare wrote most of his works in this style. There are deviations, however, among and within all his works.

if you don’t want others posts , i suggest you mail your idea to Blizzard directly .

we’re on a forum and everyone can speak and put arguments for or against your idea .

Sorry for you , you’re not a king or a god . Just a random player like all of us .

good game


It’s fascinating to see how much players differ when it comes to ease of play. Some thinks green numbers will destroy the game, others want THUD implemented to be able to think less.

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And yet you found it necessary to abuse people for disagreeing
Did King Richard abuse the Duke of York because the Duke of York would of had something to say about it even if it makes no difference

But he likes to think he is and you get abused for disagreeing

Next he will be demanding bots be made legal so he doesn’t have to play at all

Perhaps you should read the stickies again…

The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics.

If you made a thread which specifically doesn’t care about a discussion, and is purely a statement, which you’ll insult other people for disagreeing with, then your thread doesn’t meet this requirement.

I certainly didn’t say I didn’t care about any discussion of the topic, I said I didn’t care about other’s thoughts on the topic, thus, think what you will, I want this feature.

It seems to me that everyone is getting ruffled because I don’t give their replies any import, or that I try to enlighten those who just don’t seem to understand the topic, or the way the Armory works, or the way the game works…

If you dont care about other’s replies then why are you replying to them.

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^^ :slight_smile: Touche! Well done.

I already said I agreed with your request for the feature. The ruffling is due to you calling one of the replies which doesn’t agree with you, which you apparently don’t care about, imbecilic.

^^ Oh. ok, sorry. :neutral_face:

They closed the corndog thread, but my last post was referring to Vienna Beef hot dogs not being Kosher…of course Hebrew Nationals are!