TheUltimateEggman did nothing wrong!

Not intended gameplay mechanics are considered exploits.

That said this exploit clearly doesn’t deserve a ban. Just remove the clears from LBs and fix the mechanic.

Btw, They Never Listen tome next to Kulle was meta, you have to agree lol.

They Never Listen is a tome found in Adventure Mode of Diablo III. It is dropped by Zoltun Kulle when the Nephalem uses Kanai's Cube successfully for the first time.


A Twitch bot auto banned him temporarily for no more then a week to give Twitch staff time to review it. He was banned because of a mass amount of people reporting him. Laurcus, a fellow streamer and friend of his, said this a bunch last night on his stream.

If someone is capable of pulling this off given how much prep you need they clearly knew beforehand it was an exploit.

You’re acting like your lover just got touched on the subway train. Settle down.

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He broke the rules of Twitch’s ToS agreement which he agreed to follow. They banned him following the rules he agreed to. This is 100% his fault, if you want to blame somebody then blame him for being an idiot and streaming himself cheating lol…

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Eggman was a cheater way before this exploit thing happen so he deserves a ban. I dont get why hes not banned in D3 yet…

This exploit is totaly blizz fault. But this time it hit a cheater so nobody should care what happens to him. People that use exploits… cheaters… botters are a cancer to this game and should be eliminated from it as fast as possible.

So please don’t cry after a cheater because you’re naive if you think he didn’t know that he can be banned for this. He absolutely knew it and did it anyway. And now crybabies will come to his twitch (yeah twitch will unban him because it was just an auto ban) to support him. Thats why D3 is full of cheaters… because community supports that kind of behaviour.


Directly from Blizzard’s End User License Agreement Website:

"License Limitations. Blizzard may suspend or revoke your license to use the Platform, or parts, components and/or single features thereof, if you violate, or assist others in violating, the license limitations set forth below. You agree that you will not, in whole or in part or under any circumstances, do the following:

  1. Derivative Works: Copy or reproduce (except as provided in Section 1.B.), translate, reverse engineer, derive source code from, modify, disassemble, decompile, or create derivative works based on or related to the Platform.
  2. Cheating: Create, use, offer, promote, advertise, make available and/or distribute the following or assist therein:
  3. cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;"

He did exactly what he agreed not to do…

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Its pretty obvious that this was not intended to be part of the season and could be considered an exploit. Its pretty obvious that the guy knew that because others told him countlessly that it was an exploit. It’s also pretty obvious Blizzard did nothing to stop people using this when they’ve known about it for a long time.

Personally I’d like to see people like this made an example of but at the same time borderline breaking the rules and Blizzards inability to stop it puts this on them. Of course if its there people are going use it. Its common sense.

Taking advantage of faults in a game is still cheating. He knew it when he did it. Leaderboards are a joke any more and are made up of mostly cheaters. I don’t get it as there is no pride in accomplishment in cheating as any one can do it. They can’t have much of a conscience as I could not feel good about myself if that is the only way I could get noticed in a game. I sure hope when Diablo 4 comes out that Blizzard starts taking cheating in all forms seriously for a change.

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From the Season 19 notes:

Season 19 is the Season of Eternal Conflict and with it come an awesome array of killstreak rewards! Inspired by the war waged between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, you‘ll earn increasingly powerful effects as you unleash destruction upon your foes. So rack up those kills and clear the battlefields in the name of Sanctuary!

All players will benefit from the Pandemonium buff during Season 19. For each stack of this buff, you’ll receive a small boost to movement speed and bonus damage, ultimately capping out at 50% movement speed and 100% damage at 1000 stacks. In addition, reaching certain killstreak goals will trigger a special effect and cause even more mayhem on the battlefield:

pandemonium [ pan-duh-moh-nee-uhm ]


  • wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos.

  • a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.

  • (often initial capital letter) the abode of all the demons.

  • hell.

So from the description of the seasonal buff and the definition of pandemonium itself what exactly did he do wrong here? As I see it, he and his team went to a realm of ‘udder’ chaos to ‘rack up those kills and clear the battlefields in the name of Sanctuary!’ He then took that buff to a different battlefield to cause mayhem. This guy should be rewarded for playing the seasonal theme to the absolute max, not punished. He’s brought pandemonium in-game and to the forum game at the same time.


Broken game mechanics should never be blamed on the players.

D3 is just a BBB title pending to be AAA at this point, regardless as to how anyone plays it.


It’s just a temp twitch ban due to a bunch of butthurt casuals reporting his channel after the clear.

Funny thing is that this issue was reported during PTR, and was known to anyone with the ability to read or test on their own. Since it was ignored and not fixed, it was just a matter of time before anyone with the ability to open 150 used this trick to solo clear.

Sorry to burst your bubble but 90% of the people at the top of the leaderboards are botting. The D3 leaderboards have never been legit.


Yeah, no. Casuals do not, by their very definition, care about leaderboards all that much. I generally end up somewhere around 200 - 300 at the end of a season, and I genuinely could not care less if it’s one rank lower or higher. The people who care are the ones that are near the top, and they are definitely not casuals…


The person you are referring has been cheating on stream for a long time before this incident. He has been admitting to using illegal macros and THUD. You can even tell he is using a macro when his Rat Necro is running in place.

Exploiting is against Blizzard ToS. Players have been banned for similar exploits in the past. I’m sure someone like him knew that.

Sharing exploits and cheating on stream is also against Twitch ToS. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get his channel back, or loses his partner status.


I remember when this game was young that someone used poor programming to take advantage and he along with all of his accomplices got banned. There should be the same result here. A honest person would of reported it so it could be fixed. Cheaters are thumbing their noses at Blizzard because they know Blizzard now doesn’t seem to care if people cheat like they used to. If Blizzard only wants cheaters to buy their products, they seem to have accomplished that with this game now. Now everyone will follow and the whole leaderboard will be at 150. Really is that what you want Blizzard?

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agree with the post that dude is a genius my admiration to that guy, he should be hired, this game is just broken to the bone

Not sure what he did exactly. But original idea of getting 480 stacks in cow level and bringing them back into GR to spawn angels for RG fight was mine.

I was on his stream during PTR when I made that proposal as they where trying to figure out how to make it work. When I had that brainstorm I did not even knew if it would work. Few hours later they figured out how to do it. It was community effort (his chat on twitch).

There where multiple post on forum about this. Many people where concerned if it is going to go live like that. This was by no means information that was hidden from Blizzard or community.

So is it an exploit? I dont think so. Blizzard did not change game mechanic… I guess they wanted it to work like that. There is not better explanation for this … because, as I already said, there where multiple reports about this mechanic during PTR and before final patch.

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They fixed the exploit of bring stacks into the Greater Rift. This is different, although still exploiting the seasonal theme.

It’s clearly not something Blizzard wanted since they fixed the original exploit. He went around that fix to exploit it again. It’s obvious that what he was doing was an exploit not intended.


So what did he do? I don’t play seasons almost at all so I don’t know what went live.

Edit: from other topic

are you sure they fixed “exploit”?

Apparently he’s done it with a few more characters now too. I think he’s trying to dominate all class leaderboards with his cheat BS.