TheUltimateEggman did nothing wrong!

Just watched Wolfcryer’s report on the Twitch ban of streamer TheUltimateEggman.

He was banned, because he found a game breaking mechanic and used it to clear a GR150 solo.

Instead of getting banned, he needs to get PAYED for finding this extremely obscure game breaking mechanic, that Blizz were NOT SMART ENOUGH, INTERESTED ENOUGH or just LAZY to find themselves, even tho it is their job.

Remember how every D3 streamer under the sun, criticized Blizz for the only 1 week PTR ? yeah, I can’t imagine why they would criticize that, RIGHT ?..

It is always ON the developers to assure that the game is consistent, stable and unbreakable.

If something is doable IN-GAME (not talking about TH, bots, hacks etc. external interventions), the assumption is that it is perfectly allowed to be used as part of a players gameplay experience.

Lets take in consideration another example.

Is resetting the PB stacks to spawn the Geysers multiple times bannable exploit, because you can certainly argue that, it is not “intended gameplay” per se and it certainly gives you a huge boost ?

Well, if it is, then MAKE IT SO that it is not possible to do!
If it isn’t, then people that use it, did nothing wrong!

The same way, TheUltimateEggman did nothing wrong!

As of late, gaming and gaming related companies have been known to overreact like crazy, for no reason, so I am not too surprised…


I don’t think he should be banned (Blizzard hasn’t banned him) but his record should be yanked and the should fix the exploit. Clearly the person isn’t banned because they are still on the leaderboard. But they did not legitimately clear the 150.


That’s not even the point, but do you really think that Twitch banned him on their own whim ?

I have no Idea why Twitch banned him. It’s not my concern. This is the Blizzard forums not the Twitch Forums.


If it is not your concern, why do you pretend to have an opinion about ? Make up your mind, buddy…

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Twitch banning him is not my concern. My concern is that I’m trying to play season legit like everyone else and somebody clearly exploits the game to take the top position on 3 characters so far.

Try decaf you seem wound up.


What? Why twitch would ban him if he only were to shown a small exploit on a game? It’s the guy’s job already. I think there’s more to this ban that we didn’t know, from this aspect it sounds like a lotta bollocks.

Exploiters, maphackers, and botters should be banned for life.
Hung up buy their privates and beat with sticks.
D3 is in the toilet thanks to all the botting.


If Blizzard hasn’t done anything to him yet and he’s been banned from Twitch only, then I’d say there’s something else behind this ban. I seriously doubt anyone would be banned for something like this alone.

That being said I don’t watch Twitch streams and I’m not familiar with Twitch rules.


I don’t know, I am hypothesizing on the given information.

Twitch has policy against botting and hacking.

What Eggman did is NEITHER.

Sadly, this interaction that someone can stack up season theme kills “for you” outside of a GR was found on PTR, and Blizz should know about it, since people farmed 4-man group GR150s there with it.

Biggest issue here is though - that you start a 1-man GR, and that others can still “prepare” the killstreak for you and you take it with you back into the GR. Note, you really need to have a very fast PC set-up to carry it over back into the GR…

Basically, whoever has a higher killstreak going, his one is the one you take over. It is kinda fine in group play, but in a solo game it is kinda exploity.

Still, Blizzard obviously decided this will not be exploited during season and didn’t take action after the PTR findings.

IMHO, it shouldn’t be doable, even for group play, nevertheless in a “solo” game…


I would say that it shouldn’t be allowed to happen, but that is beside the point.

If it is true they knew about it, they left it in anyway, without explicitly stating ANYWHERE - don’t do this or get rekt… so Eggman did nothing wrong.

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Engaging in an exploit without prior knowledge that it is in fact an exploit the FIRST time is forgivable.

Doing it however many times after the first time is exploiting. Eggman did this on other classes prior to this ban. It was deserved.

Writing it off as Blizzard’s fault simply because of 1 week PTR, or anything else, are really just people bitter towards Blizzard for anything and everything.


this zbarb clear with season buff was done on the ptr weeks ago… if blizzard didn’t fix it before releasing it to live… I’d say its fair game at this point.


Twitch banned him because he broke ToS. Plain and simple. Streaming yourself taking advantage of a game breaking mechanic to place yourself at the top of a leader board in an online game is highly frowned upon.

As for what Blizzard will do. I’m not sure what the proper “punishment” should be, however he needs his clears removed, and the exploit needs to be patched.

I can’t remember what season it was, but there was an exploit with hellfire amulets where you could get every single passive for your class. Those caught abusing the exploit were banned. Gabynator was an example.

A ban is probably not that far out of reach, as he (or someone he knew) found this exploit, and purposely abused it for rank 1 clears.

That last sentence is why in fact he did do (Something wrong)


I disagree. Using exploits to gain an unfair advantage should never be allowed.

However the fact that this exploit was reported on the PTR and remained unfixed is worrying. If things like these are becoming more common, shrinking the duration of the PTR to one week was a mistake.


He did nothing wrong ? this is not what blizzard say.

Cheating: Create, use, offer, promote, advertise, make available and/or distribute the following or assist therein:

  1. cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard, influencing and/or facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;

If we follow this him and the two other people who help him doing this are under the law so are you going to tell us he did nothing wrong at all ?


I agree with you, the Blizz ToS is ver clear about it, liking it or not. There are, also, a description on how to report this kind of exploit.

Unfortunately, the guy abused this exploit to get rank 1.

About twitch and Blizz relationship, even if there is something behind the scenes, no one can prove this at moment, so I think this subject is more appropriate in a Twitch forum because at least for now, they are the only one responsible and able to revert it (since Blizz didn’t ban him yet).

Of course I would and I am.

" including exploits of any in-game bugs" the simple fact is, a player can’t know if something is a bug or not, or intended or not.

Therefor, at the time of the act, Eggman did nothing wrong.

I see how they might remove his clear from the leaderboard, only IF they patch it as a bug or EXPLICITLY DESCRIBE IT as an exploit until they eventually patch.

But in any case, banning him is absolutely nonsensical.

Only a stupid person could think this is legit and not an exploit bug.

The fact is you are losing all your buff when you entry for the first time in GR so what you can get outside the GR after the GR begin are not suppose to works.

This is the same mecanics than the wizzard Wof Stack and they fix it before the season start and we are not asking a ban we just ask a fix and a reset of the entire leaderbord season en non season that all.