The Gidbinn and big bad vodoo

How does The Gidbinn +200% damage to all Voodoo Skills effect big bad vodoo ?

It increases the 0 damage 200% to 0 damage.

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it doubles the damage it does

oh wow there’s like none WD’s playing and posting. this was 14days old.

Your base damage is 100%.
The item increases damage by 200%.
This takes your damage from 100% to 300%.

As you keep claiming to have a Master’s degree in Mathematics, how come you don’t realise that 300% is triple 100%, not double?

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We WD’s are discussing Big Bad Vodoo which does no damage, therefor it’s base damage is 0, and 0/0 does not represent an integer/rational/real number. It is indeterminate. Hence it can’t be represented in percentage, as percentage is considered as a fraction. So the Gidbinn would simply double the 0 damage.

Embarrassing fail on your behalf. you try so hard but in the end it didnt even matter. If you ever even dream of challenging my mathematics knowledge, you better wake up and apologize.

Double, when represented as a percentage, is 200%, i.e. not 300%.

Mathematics knowledge like this, you mean…

The answer’s 625, by the way, not 550.

So, with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, you can’t do percentages, powers or basic multiplication? Mmhmm…

uh, lol? i can only assume you have very poor reading comprehension.