The CM is looking for some Diablo content creators

Thanks for the echo @avalon! I would love to continue to hear recommendations of Diablo content creators big, small, near or far. Feel free to shoot me your favorites!


Raxxanterax, Wudijo, and Bluddshed are my favorite, but I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them.

Honorable Mentions:
Rhyker, ThaPchild, MrLlamaSC, Wolfcryer, Filthy Casual, FaceFoot, Dropaduski

If things go as planned, maybe myself one day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


whoever designed the location of Wirt in D1 was a genius.

There is no question that Raxxanterax is the best. Skill-wise, he towers ahead. I like Rhykker’s personal style, and Bluddshed is pleasant as well.


Neinball @ Westmarch Workshop, he is a lore master.


Seconded. Raxxanterax, Wudijo, and Bluddshed.

  • sVr’s is incredibly in-depth in his investigation of the mechanics of items.

  • Cratic1321 and his wizard how-to guides and content deserve recognition as well. 

Are you planning something good for us with the virtual event? (the replacement for BlizzCon.)
You do not need to tell us everything just give us a small bone to chew on. We will not tell Bobby K.

Diablo 3 YouTubers

  • Rhykker
  • Wolfcryer
  • LordFluffy
  • Bluddshed
  • Leviathan
  • Neinball (he and Leviathan make the Westmarch Workshop Podcast)
  • Big Daddy Den / Anthony Evans
  • Wudijo
  • Raxxanterax

Diablo 2 YouTubers

  • DJ Waters
  • Xtimus
  • BTNeanderthal
  • MrLlama
  • Dbrunski125
  • DJuntas


  • JAKEL33T
  • HolyKnight (he makes a lot of cool Wallpapers, no link sadly)
  • JessiRocks (German Diablo Youtuber and related to 4fansites)
  • me, myself, I make a lot of concept art / mock-ups ( /// /// /// ) and have a few Diablo videos on my YT channel ( ), but I don’t know if that is what you are looking for
  • GameLoreDash
  • Cratic1321

Thanks for all the links. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


If that was directed at me, then you are welcome!

I’ll say Bluddshed is my go to with bigdaddy den for WD builds. I like how bluddshed makes and pushes different builds each season so you get to see the process from beginning, not just a “ I did a 140 solo today” and have a voice over explaining things.

Bluddshed i think is very talented at the game, just doesn’t set his goals to reach 140-150 every season. Bigdaddy seems to main and have a lot of knowledge of WD which I watch, Rhykker is very good at the news portion of things and has the best voice and character for broadcasting out of all of them lol. Rhykker also had the lore of D3 in a nut shell which I liked and has no problem making fun of his mistakes when he edits them.


Raxxanterax is by far the best D3 content creator at the moment.
He is not only a top player and super competent - all his videos are so no-shlt-down-to-the-point. I have seen challenge rift guides where a guy took 10 minutes to explain every single useless gear piece. Raxx is just “another terrible build, just mash skill a,b,c, look at my No1 clear and I’ll show you the path”.

He should have got a D4 spot last Blizzcon instead of Hearthstone-Kripparian who has totally lost grip on Diablo.


I hope they find some content creators that want mod support,LAN support, offline modes, server browsers, open world pvp with rewards for pvp and dark souls like invasions, custom user interfaces so those of us that like minimalistic UI’s, open trading and not limiting the game to 4-6 buttons with long cool downs. We have mmo mice and all the keys on our keyboards that can be bound.

I have to add DiEoxidE. To this list. He doesn’t have a huge audience yet, but he and his friends, Iria, dmkt and others, know tons about the DH and did some awesome videos about the new set and testing they did in the last PTR.

They’re all dedicated to improving the class and informing others with everything from how to play the class to the ins of outs of skills and sets and everything in between.

Really cool fella and he and our clan are active on these forums as well.


Honorable Mention to Eazytarget#1303 for all of the Challenge Rift videos.


MrLlama is your man:


the craptaste of you people… bluddshedd is weeby cancer.

GameLoreDash ftw. followed by Forcegaming.

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Weeby cancer? I’m not sure what this is. I do know he plays from start to finish in hardcore with not just meta builds so I personally like it much better than showing a clear of a high GR with voice over commentary…and regardless of what someone says, bluddshed isn’t ignorant on How to play D3 at all.


Maybe I’m old…but, when I hear “content creators”, I think of this post: