The Announced Dclone spawn mechanic is great

Ad hominem once again lol

Ofc Dclone is a lottery everybody can win, but it’s also a lottery heavily titled toward who buys the super expansive tickets

It’s a community event, every contributions should matter

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it is great in my opinion. there will be 1000 times more people playing than original d2 at least. so 75-120 sojs is not that many when we have so many people mf’ing. who needs dupes when you have 100k people playing d2


The only thing I’d like to know is will the old IP system still be in effect on new battle net?

Wouldn’t it be bad if every hell game spawned uber Diablo? I have good memories of creating a trade room and the screen suddenly shaking a few minutes later. I was playing as a weak zon and stood no chance in killing uber Diablo. I was filled with suspense and tension and hoped no one else would enter my game to trade. I had to /w some random D2 friend and he joined with his friend and killed Diablo for me.

Those are some good experiences that would kind of be ruined depending on what kind of changes are made to uber Diablo.

It was bad design then, it’s bad design now.


This is stupid crazy system for D2R. I dont think there is any IP system in D2R. In D2LOD, mass botters will find 1000s of games on the same IP and once they have 1000 games up, they sell sojs, legit or duped and get 1000 annis as reward. Let’s ignore mass botters and say we do it as a community. In D2LOD, we as a community find same IP games and once everyone has one game, we contribute selling our 1-2 sojs to get the count to spawn a Dclone.

With D2R, we can not hunt as a community, since there is no IP system and noone knows which IP they are on. So why would anyone sell their sojs in a game of 8 players when only 1 is rewarded. And why would a single person sell 75-120 legit sojs to get a single anni? You do understand that, that makes the value of a single anni like 1000 high runes or like 50K forum gold right?


That would make it INSANELY hard to ever get unless it spawns server wide, in which case it would be really common. In all my years on D2 I only ever found ONE soj. I really wish they would come up with a new and better system for this,.


So which ones better? Insanely hard or insanely common, and what do you guys think it should be changed to?

If we stay in line with how single player is going to handle it (1 soj = 1 anni), then my suggestion is we make it a 20 - 33% chance to spawn Uber Diablo by selling a soj, reason being that we’re playing multiplayer where you can MF and trade for sojs whereas single player can’t.

PezRadar also said the values can change in the future. So they are open for feedback if you have any, right now would probably be a good time for it.

Those graphics for a kids show was pretty revolutionary.

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Haha agreed, I read it was the first CGI television show in history (1994), even before toy story released.

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Instead of spawing with a %, I would say spawn for 3-5 Sojs. So it is reasonable. Sojs are still rare and people who want to spawn Dclone will sell 3-5 Sojs in the same game and only that game will spawn Dclone.


I wonder if the OP knows that PezRadar edited his post.


Except for the fact that the only ones acquiring, and then selling will be organized bot communities due to large scale communication and soj selling as a whole required. The whole system was designed to reward bot networks and dupers.

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So you like a mechanic designed to remove duped soj from the market? Even though there shouldn’t be any dupes to sell to spawn dclone.

It’s thanks to people like you that developers get away with doing half a job you know that? :smiley:

They have run out of time and might not even make the deadline for the release that’s the reason why they have not changed this yet. If enough people like you post on the forum how happy you are they might not bother lol.



…especially physical immune clone, which is common

i played diablo 2 for years with friends and alone. I have a level 97 Amazon, a level 94 paladin etc.
I’ve selffound Enigma, Infinity, and Coh but only one soj in over 10 years. If it takes over 75 Sojs to spawn Diablo, that’s a joke.

(thx to googletranslator :wink:)

What are you talking about man?, clone is not physical inmune, it has fixed resistances that you can google, it always spams the same way. You are pretty lost here my friend, maybe you forgot how it works or you are confused with clone from modded servers

That is how it always worked, there is a thing called trading.

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I don’t think blizzard had a group of players in mind who track the SoJ count and collect and save that amount of SoJ to spawn it for themselves - this mindset…
Sell it or don’t - blizzard will adjust the required amout of SoJ if it turns out to be too many or too little.

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It sums his attributes with basic monster attributes, including resistances, at least in 1.12.
So, e.g. dclone from corpsfire is phys immune.

I dont know if that was the mechanic back in the 1.12, 1.13+ has been as i wrote and that is how it will be in d2r

Ya too little information about it yet. How many servers get the spawn, Is it all servers, some, few, etc. What would the drop rate be, etc. Not to mention that going in we dont have the huge SoJ dupe piles anymore.