Terror in Blood achievement

I tried everything to get this achievement and actually “did what was needed”. that means i used the skills needed to be used under 10% health while fighting diablo. I did several times, i died a lot more, still did not got the achievement. either is bugged or the description of the achievement is wrong. Did it with death nova, bone spear, blood rush, bone spirit, with gear, without gear, every possible combination i tried… Pls someone help me…


Just tried yesterday (on the PTR) if it still works - it does. Did it with a Necro that has just reached level 70. (see pictures)

Some tips:

  • Should have no follower, especially not the Templar with healing
  • Should have no Life Regeneration in Paragon
  • Should have no Live Per Second on any gear piece at best
  • Should have no “supporting” recipes cubed or none at all
  • Should have low level gear
  • “Loads” of Cooldown Reduction would be nice, not necessary but will speed the process up
  • Don’t get the fight with Diablo started BEFORE you have health below 10% and used an ability. Can do that in the anteroom where he resides or directly after you enter his room.
  • Use Bone Armor with Thy Flesh Sustained or even more abilities that cost health. Can check by hovering over the health globe if you managed to get below 10%. Can even die (OF COURSE NOT WITH A HARDCORE CHAR :wink: - I just did it with one because I had that one on 70 and was sure that I will not die…), revive and then kill Diablo.

Good luck!


Sorry for the inconvenience that one has to copy and paste the links before seeing the pictures, but
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Sorry, used the low quality link ones… Can you do the “edited” high quality ones too? Thanks in advance!

Excellent service! :grinning:

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wait a second… im supposed to have my health below 10% before i start the fight? bcs aside from that… i was doing everything else u were describing… hell, i even reset the paragon stuff and did not added any points in anything just to be sure, only equipped a 2 hand scythe that i got it from a vendor that had no regeneration… i was spamming the death nova until i got below 10% then i kept using the blood rush…

Ye, may sound strange, but yes. And of course it is way easier that way. :wink:

6 times now… exactly how u said… did not work… no gear, only a scythe lvl 6 with no properties, started at around 7% health, used blood rush(leaving corpse behind) then used blood lance, killed diablo and kept my health lower than 10% at the end and most of the battle… no paragon points, nothing… no achievement… this is pointless now… nothing works… thanks for the help, could be helpfull to other ppl.

Question: Are you playing on the Xbox? Because there seems to be a bug since (one of) the last patch(es), that prevents people from earning that (and probably other) achievement(s).

nope, im playing on pc.

Sorry to say but then I am at my wit’s end with that… Somone else having another idea?

“Only the normal ways” to try fixing an issue come to my mind.

  • Do another achievement and try yours again
  • Switch region and if not already existent, create a char there, start a game and open achivements, then switch back. (If this helps when playing on the PTR, no idea.)
  • Repair game
  • Delete cache folders
  • Deleting Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment folders
  • ipconfig FlushDNS / Release / Renew
  • Create a ticket with Blizzard

You should look up the precise doing of some of the steps if you do not know how to at Blizzard Support (battle.net).

Good luck again!

It seems problematic on Asia server. There at least 8 attempts should been unlocking terror in blood but its not attempted. I have many terror in blood unlocked on NA/EU, exact build does not work on Asia and with all tweaks.

It is very strange and I suspect there is a bug somehow.

there is some good things from that… means its not just me… but still bad… KEA, goes without saying, tyvm for everything… dont feel bad for it, u rly tried to help, already tried some of those things… when i tried the blizzard ticket they sent me here…“bug report” has to be done here on forums apparently… but right now im just trying the skeleton crew achiev while i get more courage to do the diablo thing again lol

That is the spirit! :slight_smile:

Like the catch phrase from Galaxy Quest:

Never give up, never surrender!

( Never give up! Never surrender! (youtube.com) :wink: )

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Hey all,

I just gave it a try on the Asia server and I got it on the first try:

Some things I did were:

  • Inarius set (probably doesn’t matter)
  • Removed all life per second from my gear (and from paragon as well)
  • Removed all life per hit from my gear
  • Dismissed follower for good measure
  • Before starting the fight, Death Nova>Blood Nova, ran a my life down to as low as it could be but still allow for one more Death Nova
  • Ran up to Diablo and hit him with bone armor to initiate the fight
  • Hit him with Death Nova
  • Used Siphon Blood to just slightly regenerate for more Death Novas and repeated that over and over, and made sure to do it in all 3 phases of the fight
  • Did all this on Expert difficulty so that I’d easily survive and Diablo died quickly.

It’s possible that Blood Rush doesn’t count due to not causing any damage. Death Nova is both a life spender and a damage dealer.

Something else to check is to look in your achievements to make sure you didn’t already get it (but just didn’t notice the toast).

I just want to comment, that I too am experiencing this same bug and it is very frustrating. Will update the post if I get the achievement.

Maybe record a video, you (or we) could then analyze if there was anything wrong you did should you not get the achievement. Just saying.

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I agree with mickey.

The post right above yours is me testing it and getting it on the first try.

Do you have to be in Campaign or Seasonal to get this achievement?

It does not say, so I guess it does not matter.