Tal Rasha Nerf is too much

Can’t we keep having something nice for end of service?
Set feels bad now. Pro players have moved on to D4 anyway.
Please leave something good for players who don’t have time to go above 1000 Paragon in season.


Tal rasha Meteor is worse than LoD Meteor,maybe 1500% more properate than 1000%
I really like Tal Rasha’s ability to reduce teleport time by 1 second each time a meteor is released. The LoD meteor is too clunky. If Tal Rasha set 1000% → 1500%, it would be more suitable.

No we can’t have nice things. Fun police shows no mercy and no stone shall be left unturned.

looks at gutted altar of rites


4,000% 6pc in 2023 :eye: :lips: :eye:

On a personal note I wouldn’t mind seeing TR disappear again for awhile from the meta at least (it’s cool if it’s still a speed favorite). I’m glad it was finally revived from it’s long slumber but it’s been the only thing wizards and non-wizards have wanted to play for everything since it’s rebirth almost 2 years ago. Time to give it a rest for other sets, especially with Shards season making a lot of them viable.

You know…Frozen Orb still to this day prettttty good. DMO 20,000% instead of 4,000%, buff allies, teleport CD, seasonal set. I’m js.

But why can’t others get buffs and tals stay as it is? Doesn’t make any sense especially at the end.

meteor builds are fun.

frozen orb is also fun.

give options, not forced garbage.


It needed nerged, maybe not as much as it got, but close to it. It is still strong, people qq’ing because its not OP now.

They complain because the devs did it like they always do… first overbuff (like Meteor items), then overnerf unjustly (nerf the set instead of Meteor)… now we have to wait for the real deal (which might take another year, if ever)…

The problem was with the changes to Mempo and SC… those should have been the target of this nerf. Maybe even Nilfur, but anyways. Not the set- They did that because it was easier than anything else.

At 4k% Tal Rasha is pretty much on trash level now - for anything besides Meteor. And that shouldn’t be. Because normally Tal Rasha could support any skill, just like LoD/LoN. And now that’s toast by design. And that’s the real issue with this nerf. I would say… set TR to 2000 or even 2500% per stack and instead set SC to 50% buff fixed, without any stacking. Then it’s at a tolerable level.


It wasn’t OP, it was fun.

There were faster builds, there were stronger builds.

  1. The so-called fun police are not Blizzard.
  2. There are times when OP builds should be nerfed.
  3. The problem is Blizzard sometimes uses a nerf sledge hammer rather than a surgical scalpel.

Point 2 is something that some people really need to have hammered into their heads. Nerfing something that is clearly OP is not being “fun police”, it’s necessity to bring balance.

Point 3 is also a valid issue. Too often the needed nerf is too heavy and/or targeted in the wrong place.

Regarding TR Meteor nerf I’ve had a rethink. Revert TR and Smoldering Core nerfs and instead remove the base 600% damage from Nilfur’s Boast, keeping only the RNG variable damage. Could that be a suitable nerf?

Got that idea from the Kyoshiro’s Blade nerf.

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I’m fully into yours. Nerf the smoldering core or even remove it but di not nerf the set itself. It’s useless now

The PTR Tal Rasha meteor will be a very weak set, with less damage than DMO and Typhone, and even less damage than the LOD meteor. It is obvious that it has been nerf too much, and TR set 1500% is suitable instead of the current 1000%.

Problem with this is, it invalidates the Meteor builds that don’t use Smoldering Core, e.g. Bazooka/channeling Starpact builds. These should be given the chance to shine again.

I really hate bazooka. It’s like a tumor, and I hope bazooka disappears instead of tal rasha.

LOL. That’s your (skill) issue, not the devs’.

So i did a bit of testing tal nerf seems to be about on point where its close to the other wizard sets quite a bit stronger than vyrs actually, so by no means is tal rasha a dead set now.
On the note of bazooka the current version on ptr is very easy to play unless you do some weird stuff with empower shrine later on at high paragon.
Still wish they would just remove empower

Vyr is garbage, so “quite a bit stronger than Vyr” is also garbage.
Thanks for proving my point.

That would be more than the current nerfs combined.
Why not remove meteor skill altogether?

I used vyrs as the bottomline of wizard sets, but its actually not that bad as you make it out to be (at least the frozen orb variante).
If you want my complete opinion on the current wizard sets on ptr it would roughly look something like this

  1. Delsere
  2. Lod Meteor
  3. Tal rasha
  4. Typhoon
  5. Firebirds
  6. Vyrs

It has to be noted that 2,3,4 are in my opinion on a pretty similar power level with 5 being a bit weaker and 6 being a considerable ammount weaker.

You’d still proc the main damage boost if the Meteor hits 3 or fewer enemies and since Meteor Shower impacts are smaller, that should happen often enough. They could also bump the maximum number of enemies hit to 5, just like with Kyoshiro’s Blade.

agree. Bazooka is not fun. Tals meteor is fun.

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