TADA – The Average Diablo Adventurer recruiting

Sounds like a great group! I have been on a hiatus of about a year but would really like getting started again for this season. Battle tag is #mjaay1363.

Thanks in advance!

Ok mjaay invite on the way. Please look at our clan news for more information. Glad to have you with us.

I would like to join. Thanks

ok invite is on the way. Glad to have you join.

Hey im a casual solo player looking to enjoy group play for once during season 18, could i join the clan ? Furrior#2255

Furrior, invite is on the way. Jump in there tonight for the launch of season 18. Some of us are organizing tonight in TeamSpeak and love to have you join us. Check the clan news for the teamspeak address. Other than that post in clan chat for a group.

If you still have an open spot I’d like to join. I’m a casual player that plays often.

Spacemonkey, sure do and invitation is on the way. Hope to see you in the game.

Hi! This sounds like my style. Thanks for posting.

Wiccax, invitation is on its way. Check out clan news for the teamspeak server.

Y’all got any more of them invites? tyrone-biggums.gif

Erfshok will send an invite asap

Hello Trodai#11556 here, returning and clanless, the game is far more enjoyable with a clan. Most of my game time has been solo, and still lots to learn about the end game. Casual player, sometimes I get a lot of time to play, sometimes I get none. Just the way life is no?

Hi, I’m reinstalling the game and would like give your clan a try…
Battle tag - BigEdMan#1162

I’d like an invite please. Can’t seem to find anything if i search for TADA.

Invites have been sent. :slight_smile:

OwNzOr - I’m getting an error when I try inviting you. Are you on NA?

I’d like an invite plz.

Amp151 the request is on its way. Maybe some day you can show me how to build a pestilence and run it. I’ve tried before but didn’t really set the world on fire like I know pestilence is capable of.

Cool thanks.
I’m no pro pesti but I do ok. It’s pretty glassy(I usually main a wiz on console but decided to try something different this season).
I’m always down to group hit me up if you see me on, I’ll do the same.

still have openings for new members?