TADA – The Average Diablo Adventurer recruiting

TADA – The Average Diablo Adventurer, is a brand new clan and we are currently recruiting new members.

Our goal as a clan is to find new friends to play with who enjoy the game as much as we do and who are not inhibited by numbers. We don’t focus on or strive for the top of the leader boards. What’s important is that you be all that you can be and exceed your own personal goals, not someone else’s.

We don’t care if you just bought the game yesterday or if you are a well seasoned player. Members will not be judged by their experience or knowledge of the game. Actually quite the opposite, while none of us are experts in the game we’d welcome the opportunity to help others learn and progress through the game. Your level of play is not important to us. What matters is your love to play the game coupled with a desire to learn and help others along the way.

We have Discord and TeamSpeak available to clan members. Once in the clan check the clan news for information to how to connect to either.

If this sounds like the clan for you in game search TADA in clans. Alternatively you could post here that you’d like to join and I’ll send you a clan invite.


right up my alley… definitely would like an invite

Just send you an invite. Hope to see you in game soon.

Add me as well plz, i guess u guys playing soft?

CodeNameV I couldn’t find your profile on the America server. Could you be playing on another server. For me to add you to our clan on the Americas server you’ll need to have an account on the Americas server.

Sounds good to me, toss me an invite, I need to find some people to play this game with.

jdwhiskey, invite sent

I’d also like an invite

Skeen invite is on the way.

I’m looking for a new clan. The one I left was always very active at season start, but three weeks in it was a ghost town. How active is your clan throughout the season? Also, do people in the clan play HC?

HammerMill13… We are a new clan and at this time there are not any that play HC. There are several on every single night right through from the beginning to the end of seasons. You are welcome to join. I will send you and invite.

This sounds interesting.

Groovy, invitation is on the way.

Great time to find a new clan and group up for the start of season 18.


I just started playing around 1 1/2-2 weeks ago, so this seems right up my alley. Invite please

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Always wanted to group, but never have. If you take average players into your clan, I will take an invite.

ok Servaphin and Krazijoe I’ll send an invite. Great to have you in clan.

I’m actually looking for some help finishing up this season, just started a week ago after not playing for a long time. Just need to finish one last conquest. It would be cool to actually play with some other people consistently going into next season.

You got it Bullfrog6187. Sending a request in a few minutes

I’d like an invite as well please. Really looking forward to this season.


Invitation sent. This is a great time to join a clan with season 18 starting on the 23rd. Its always so much easier and more fun to level up as a team. Jump in now and make arrangements to group up for seasons start.

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