Suggestions for season start

10 Sep 2023 (sun). Based on the gap for season 28 between end of ptr 2.7.5 and end of season 27.

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Always silly that we have to guess.

Not really. D3 is still on the old blizzard “when its done and dusted”.

D4 is on the new system, we said this date, so just ship it bugs and all.

I prefer the D3 way. Just release it when its good to go.

They busy fixing d4. D4 is a mess.

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This is also the first season of D3 to be released when D4 is out… I too am of the mindset that D4 is taking priority so we may see them taking their time with D3 if D4 requires more resources at any particular time.

D4 Season 2 starts on 17 October. My guess is that the D3 devs have got some leeway to release S29 any time up until two to three weeks out from this date. S29 looks a bit lackluster anyway and two weeks will be enough for players to get their D3 fix before going back to D4 with the older title stepping on the toes of the newer cash cow.

Hopefully it drops in the next 6hrs… normally PTR patch notes are out by the time I wake up and it’s approaching 1pm here.

This is a very small patch. We may see some tweaks to the two class adjustments, maybe some tweaks to the paragon cap, but there really isn’t a whole lot here that needs more testing.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t even see a mid PTR set of patch notes this time.

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Wouldn’t that be sad?

It always follows the same timeline so not really a guess.

Not really. Have a look here

Not really what you asked in the first place?
You asked for suggestions, not predictions.

Now we know when season 28 ends:


This means that S29 will most likely start on Friday 15 September :wink:


suggestion to start it next year! Love the altar too much to let it go :frowning:
or start the season on a friday - end the season by sunday, add season 30 (with altar the next friday)

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Yeah please make S29 record short. I will play nonseason until S30.

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the altar isnt a permanent fixture post S28???

It will be from season 30 onwards

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interesting… the altar was a fun new addition i guess S29 wont be as interesting as i imagined

Pretty much the least interesting season since themes became a thing.

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For those that don’t know, like OP… this Friday, Sept 15.

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Keep in mind that this thread was created a month ago. The Season 29 Blog was only posted 3 days ago.

Still, thanks (on behalf of players who may not have seen it) for posting the link for the Blog.