Suggestion for Grenades GoD and N6/M4 Cluster Arrow

I mentioned this in another thread but I feel it should get it’s own so here goes.

I suggest they change Hellcat Waistguard’s legendary power to “Your Grenades bounce 3-5 times and deal 600-800% more damage.”

I also think they should give Balefire Caster hand crossbow the affix of “Your grenades deal 300-400% more damage.”

Now this numbers might be off but I think this would be pretty close to inline with Hungering Arrow. Balefire, I believe would make up for losing either Depth Diggers or CoE. And the new Hellcat Waistguard would come close to giving the same amount of damage as NCS gives Hungering Arrow in that you can’t really control where the grenades are going to bounce so it would necessarily have to be a bigger multiplier.

It would also make a 5 bounce belt more powerful than a 3 or 4 bounce belt like it should be. Of course this could be me misunderstanding the mechanics of the belt but I do believe 5 bounces would be stronger but that might not be true on account of it just gives to 1 or 2 more bounces and their landing spots are determined by RNG.

Another thing is, I’m not sure how this will effect N6/M4 Cluster Arrow but seeing as that build also needs to come up, I’m pretty sure it just be a needed boost to that and it would be a choice between Bombadier’s Rucksack and Balefire Caster. Though Balefire would probably be the winner in that case.

Anyway, if my math is off, which it probably is, I’d appreciate someone coming along to straighten out the numbers. And if anyone likes the idea or doesn’t I’d appreciate the feedback.

This alone would balance GoD6 Hungering Arrow with GoD6 Grenades.

In my opinion, UE6 Danetta’s w/ Grenades w/ F&R was more fun to play. I’d prefer to see something done to resurrect that build.

  1. A Pixel Pull (Ess of Johan)
  2. A heavy 70x (27GRs) damage boost exclusive to Danetta’s & Vault. Strafing nulls the bonus. Ie. (Your Grenades always critical hit. Each Vault increases the damage of Grenade by 400% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. This effect fades immediately after you channel a skill.).
  3. Defense. Another 50% DR somewhere.

But really it is time for Chakram and Elemental Arrow to return.

And I know you’ve put it in several places what items should get buffed, what new item needs to be made, and so on, but could you re-iterate please?

I liked the old Chakram build that was doable when S2/M4 was a thing during that one PTR. Would that be something you’d go for? Or is Chakram a S6 build only in your estimation?

Most items can just fill in a spot for raw damage. For instance, Balefire Caster could be worth 400%-500% to Grenade if they wanted to maintain GoD6 as the best set for Grenade. They could choose Demon Machine to host the 400-500% or split the Grenade damage between those two items (150% damage on each). Maybe they use a belt like Omryn Chain, and give 100% to Grenade per Caltrop dropped, or just make Leonine and Emimei also buff Grenade too. No approach is incorrect path as long as the damage and survival is there – but I would avoid redundancy with the play style of GoD6 Bolas, hence the suggestion to make UE6 Grenade driven by Danetta, which feels jumpy and explosive.

Chakram can go any direction as well. Currently it is strongest on N6M4 at around GR117-118ish ~ 5k para. Thematically S6 makes the most sense.

This was my latest request for buffing S6 and M6:

Chakram should have personality. Right now it plays too similar to other DH spenders, flat damage is bland without a good mechanic to play / build around.

Increase the damage of Chakram by 200% for each second it travels up to a maximum of 5 seconds. The first 3 targets hit by Chakram will be critical hits if they are stunned or immobilized.


Chakram damage is increased by 500%. Targets that trigger Spike Trap will bleed for 8 seconds and have a 25% chance to drop a health globe. Picking up a health globe increases Chakram damage by 300% for 8 seconds.

You could get the Defense from wearing Aquilla but you’d lose CoE. Not terrible I suppose. Wouldn’t need Seethe since it’s a generator build, so no Gunes necessary which mean Hellcat and Hunter’s Wrath could be interchangeable in the cube and worn.

So you lose Depth Diggers and CoE but I suppose you’ve figured that into your calculations.

I like it! Though messing around with Grenades in GoD is really fun and a cool playstyle too. I mean, I really enjoy it in 110’s and 115’s and as a T16 farming build and wish it could go as high as Hungering Arrow because I’d drop Hungering Arrow in a hot minute for Grenades.

I just thought of something that would have been cool this season. Since they put affixes from different weapons and off-hands on ethereals, it would have been cool if they added Hellcat’s to the list.

I mean, I would have loved running around with a Doomslinger with the Hellcat’s affix and Grenadier passive while equipping and cubing Dawn and Fortress. That would have been super cool. Still wouldn’t match Hungering Arrow, I don’t think but it would have been cool nonetheless.

As far as something to make bring Elemental Arrow up. I’m not sure what kind of buff it would be. But maybe Kridershot could get a new affix of “You release 2 to 3 Elemental Arrows per shot.”

Then raise the quiver from 250% to 500% damage increase. If Kridershot fires 3 shots wouldn’t that be about a 15 GR improvement, or am I guessing wrong?