[Suggestion]: Curiosity of Lorath Nahr

Please add a warning in Kanai’s Cube Recipe, Curiosity of Lorath Nahr

Only one crafted Primal may
be worn at a time.


Also add another Recipe for ~300 Primordial Ashes that removes the “crafted” status and turns it into a regular primal without the equip cap.

100 primordial ashes is too cheap to make it uncapped, but a 2nd recipe to uncap it fixes it without increasing the costs to roll the primal in the first place.

There is already a thread about this.

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I wouldn’t hate a recipe that removes the status. But would it be expensive enough if you “only” needed 6 primals to do that? I know actually crafting the perfect one can take a few as well but helm, chest, pants and boots aren’t that hard to roll the way you want them so I can see it being totally possible to have a character with like 7 or 8 primals with that recipe.

Well I say totally possible, basing it on how I usually get 2 for a build during a season and 3 isn’t that weird. Then you craft 1 and do that with the four armour pieces. And I only play like 150-200 hours per season.

I mean the point would be so that you can slowly but securely gear your character in primals.

100 primordial ashes to craft the item + 300 primordial ashes to unlock it = 8 salvaged primals per gear slot.

One Primal drops every 400 items. So that’s about 3200 legendarys dropped on average to craft one slot as primal with the recipe.
One GR drops ~14 Legendaries. So that makes ~230 GRs per slot.
12 remaining slots means 2760 GRs total.
Let’s assume 3 minute runs including gem upgrades, inventory cleaning etc. then we clock in about 138h per character, if the first crafted primal is always perfect. More if you play any less efficient or need more tries per primal.

So yeah, maybe 300 is on the low side, but you get the point. Only very few are playing at that efficiency all the time either, so for most players it’s significantly more than that as well.
If you play only GR100 not higher or lower, you’d have P2600 by the end of that.
If you farm GR110 you’d have P3050

I’d be ok if max gear and Paragon 3000 (farmed solo ofc) would fall into the same time investment. (all the echoing nightmares, VoEs, bounties, etc come on top of that playtime)

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Thank you.

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100% for this (the OP, not the hijack). It would all but eliminate the steady flow of “bug reports” about not being able to equip a crafted primal.


Thanks, Leviathan.

It was bad enough during the Season 28 PTR and the actual Season 28. But, in Season 29 and subsequent Seasons, that information is no longer included in the Patch Notes.

It was frustrating enough, during Season 28, to remind players reporting this as a “bug” to “read the Patch Notes”. Now, it’s understandable for new players or those who didn’t participate in Season 28 to be confused by this.

I really hope Blizzard adds a warning to this Recipe like they did for the Skill of Nilfur (Convert Set Item).

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Do we also need a clarification that level 70 items that are marked “1” are still level 70 (if that node is returning)?

Let’s save that topic for another thread.  

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Feel free to make one :+1: