Still waiting on news/updates on the D3 performance issues

Has there been any update(s) since @Meteorblade posted a comment here back on 8-20-2021:

I stopped participating in S-24 after getting the season journey and the achievement completed. I’ve been waiting ever since for fixes to the performance issues, or at a minimum some updates on them.

First time here? :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, haven’t seen the threads popping up about this, seems it’s at least considerably improved. That’s a win for us pesky D3 players!

Usually it’s mushroom mode for us!

Ok Ven… so if I jump into a solo game with my Barbecue FireBird Wiz, do 20 to 30 rounds of GR-110, I’m not going to encounter 3-10 sec freezes and lag? The lack of threads does not mean it was fixed. It means folks most likely have given up or moved on to something else or some other games (D2R included). I gave up and decided to wait since they did the PTR Pop-up. It would make sense for them to speak up if they fixed it, or speak up and say we are still working on it.

Also, there were threads about 25 to 28 days ago regarding latency and performance issues. Again lack of threads doesn’t mean that it was fixed.

My seasonal Uliana Monk barely can pull GR107 and I get 3-10 second long freezes as well. When I get back control, I find my character dead yet again spent through both cheat death passives. I’m not tech savvy but I think it has something to do with elite ability sounds, ambient noises and ambushing monster sounds intertwined on top of each other.

Yikes. I had thought it fixed. My season ended awhile ago.

Thank you @Naksiloth. This is the kind of stuff I was experiencing the prior season and again this season. It is not fixed.

Come on devs. A series of legal battles don’t stop you from troubleshooting and diagnosing the problems, and communicating status/progress. I am not concerned about D2R bugs. They have a dev team to handle that. We are at atleast 2 seasons of performance issues in D3. I’m talking the recent performance issues since the Firebird set revision. Remember the Firebird set was left to languish for 3-5+ years as a poorly functioning to straight up broken set. If you need to revise it again just do it and do it right.

Is this what you are asking about?

Yeah I think the patch haven’t addressed all issues.I still think this is about sound files.

I don’t have the issues that naksiloth have playing FB solo in the 130’s (EU server).
Maybe you should try and play the game instead of the forum and see for yourself?

Please consider your choice of words, because you come across as confrontational especially when unprovoked. I did play the game and I encountered the issues that I spoke about. I’m inclined to think that you haven’t read through the entire thread and haven’t following the link(s) either, which is one possible explanation for sounding uninformed about what I have or haven’t done. Lastly, I encountered the 3-10 second freezing and lag with Firebirds on both US and EU. The performance issues are not tied to my hardware, Windows installation, or internet connection.

D3 isnt a major priority at the moment Blizz is too busy sweating it over a federal investigation and giving in to peer pressure by turning offensive pixels into socially accepted bowls of fruit

Strange because you wrote:

Which means that you haven’t tested if the game has improved recently.
Maybe you should consider your choice of words?

Pump your brakes and slow your roll. Are you saying your boy @Meteorblade was purposefully lying or misspoke?

A PTR pop-up testing session happened. The testing was done during that event. The devs post information after a PTR event happens. So far I have not seen them post. There is no point in me playing system tester if I don’t even know what the devs may or may not have figured out and/or done. I encountered the issues across 2 seasons. I’ve made threads and posts as well as many others. Not everyone encountered the problem last season and based on your account its the same scenario with this season. I am not obligated to invest time into these performance issues. I’ve already done enough testing. You are welcome to invest the time.

So do you have any information beyond you own experience of “no lag here”, coming from official sources, that can be verified?

I guess you’re still burned out after getting the Feat of Strength achievement in multiple regions.
Since the aforementioned PTR there has been at least one patching of the game. Before that I regularly had freezes, not in every game but probably once or twice every playing session. After the PTR and patch this hasn’t occurred.
This is just my experience other players will have different experiences .
That’s why I say: play the game, not the forum.

I’ve experienced a huge improvement playing my Firebird wizard after said patch.

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  1. I have seen zero stickied threads about a patch since PTR pop-up. A post buried on page 43 of some random thread isn’t going to cut it.

  2. Don’t assume I’m here playing the forum. Do not assume my intent. There are no tea leaves. There is no sub-text. I’m pretty straight forward with what I say and I’m pretty obvious about when a decoder ring is necessary.

  3. This is not a burn out issue. I’ve already addressed this. When DH’s got the GoD set they could enjoy the set straight up. It just worked. This is not the case with FB. I’ll leave this quote below so you can understand the frustration and why I’ve been waiting:

I don’t know what to tell ya, they patched it, patch notes said they improved stability and performance, and it was postet sep 1st.

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Posted where? 20 chars.

In the sticky, “Season now live” post. They didn’t make a new post about it, but commented in that thread.

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Exactly what I posted about. Making a comment buried deep in a thread isn’t a notification. It is a comment to a thread. There is no notification under my avatar in the forum. If I don’t log into the forums there is no notification either. I don’t see 30+ new threads on D3 General page 1 saying patch released and the performance issues are fixed.

Also, are the issues @Naksiloth raised limited to just him?