This Season Lag with Firebirds

I just coming back to the game this season. I am having issues when even in solo. Is there anything I can do to reduce the lag/ the whole gaming locking up for a few seconds i have a 3090 in my PC and a lot other new parts. So I don’t think it is my PC.

It’s going to be fixed, soon.

Where are you getting this information and how soon is soon in terms of days, weeks, months?

From the Bug Report forum, where the issue was investigated on the PTR…

I’m pretty sure when they announce this going out to live servers, it’ll be a stickied blue thread at the top of General Discussion rather than tucked away in Bug Report but you’ll just have to wait for it. Non-emergency patches are generally rolled out to live servers on a Tuesday (Pacific Time) so it might be as early as the 24th but no-one except Blizzard knows right now.

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Thank you kind sir .