Staff of hearding : plan drop

i am farming this izual buddy for 3 hours… no drop… it took me 2 hours to get all the other matts, but this plan does not seems to exist! anyone else had issue on season 31 ? hardcore self made seasonal.

The plans are not a guaranteed drop.

Make a speed build, it will drop eventually

Took me about 10 runs. Last season it took me 3 runs. It’s all luck. It will drop. Good luck.

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Last season took me 30+ runs, this season I got it before even hitting level 70 which I didn’t even know you could do. Besides telling you RNG is RNG you might want to just do Visions which the goblins can also drop them.

Got the drop when i killed Izual for the season journey, RNG is RNG.

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Is it possible that you were running Bounties, picked up the Plans and taught it to the Blacksmith with other Plans?

Easy to check. Go to the Blacksmith. Make sure the filter is set to Show: All. Check his Staves and see if the Staff of Herding is listed.

If it’s not there, you’ll just have to keep farming Izual, as others stated.


LOL… that happened to me back in S28. I was going nuts looking for the plans and someone mentioned they can drop from Odious Collectors (the green goblins). So, yeah, double check your smith recipes with “Show All”

And with goblin floors a fairly common occurrence in visions it’s easy to hit a few dozen Odious Collectors before you start hunting the plans.


IT got it first run but cant get gem to drop

Every season…

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Goblins surely can drop other plans, but not staff or herding plans. Unfortunately Izual farming is the only way to get them.
This season I got it first time I went to meet him. Previous season it took me some 30+ visits.


This is one of those things that needs a bad luck buff or whatever they call it. If you don’t get it after x amount of tries, the odds increase you will get it until it drops. I know the devs are devoted to their RNGesus, but things that are needed to progress the game should not be subject to such random bad luck.

Or they could just increase the chances of it dropping to something reasonable. Stupid game design. Mindless repetition is not challenging.


I kind of start to agree on this after multiple seasons of farming altar. The original small odds were actually justified when the staff was kind of an Easter egg which you’d farm only once per platform and that’s it. Something for perfectionists to farm. And I didn’t mind at all farming it for the first time even though it took some time.
But now, when farmed all these things for 3rd straight season, it starts to feel just boring.


Actually, Izual plans where the hardest thing to get for the staff for me. This season and last season.
Both with like 30+ runs. Just RNG.

Good luck

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So very true. If the Altar was to come to non season it could mean that it would only have to be farmed once and would then be a permanent fixture also available from the start of every season. Just like we have access to all our pets and cosmetics etc.


You can get them with a Level 1 Character, if you’re lucky enough for Izual to drop them on the first kill. However, it’s highly unlikely. By the time you reach Izual, with a new Character, you’ll probably be between Level 4 - 6. (If not higher).

Um…   NO, they can’t. (As @TGO stated). You can only get the Plan: Staff of Herding from Izual.

The same is true for the Plan: Reaper’s Wraps. You can only get those from Malthael.

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For me, it was Chilltara. Izual gave me a little trouble, but still wasn’t more than a half hour of farming. To me, that’s accepable. Chiltara? There’s more going on than just spawn rate.

Personally, I don’t agree with making something that needlessly rare and making it a required part of progression (Altar of Rites). That’s just an artificial barrier to completion. Anyone can keep the items out of your hands if they move the decimal far enough. That way they can clap hands over ears and just keep repeating “It’s just RNG” to justify it.

Do I want it on the first try? No. Gamers these days just have no patience whatsoever. Keep farming and it’ll show. Every season there are these posts which make out like it’s been removed from the game. It hasn’t. They just want you chained to a specific section of the game for days on end; that’s all.

Welcome to modern gaming, where fun and challenge are sat in the nosebleed section and mindless repetition has the entire front row.

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I’ve got 2 staffs in my NS stash. An Infernal Staff left over from long ago, and a regular one I farmed up back in S28 when they were still hiding the fact that the altar wasn’t coming to NS.

I’m probably not going to bother with it this season. It’s not until the 2nd from last node. I’ve got the “pets pickup trash” unlocked, and I’m going to go for the “extra progress orb” and not bother with any more than that.

I’m just doing enough to finish the season Journey and get the pets.

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RNG is RNG. I haven’t even started farming the staff components (although I already found the Shinbone) since I’m stuck at an earlier step, the one requiring an ancient Puzzle Ring. Plenty of regular ones, not a single ancient one. Dozens of rerolls, burning through most of my mats, the game just says “eff you” and doesn’t give one.

The RNG is going to kill me.