Slipknot - slow load times for inventory items

I just noticed how old this post is but I figured I’d comment on having the same issue with inventory loading. Even with a decent computer I run on all the lowest settings to improve performance to ensure I have the least amount of lag or issues but the inventory appearing slowly still happens. It has happened for me in the past few seasons (maybe 15) but I can’t recall the exact patch it started. It seems to be the most prevalent (90% of the time) in act 5 or any other act (10%) of the time. My connection can be in the green, solo or group, busy time of the day or dead, and it still happens. I have an iMac with 4GHz quad-core i7, 16 GB Memory, SSD HD, and great internet connection. Anyways, I share your experience but ensuring you’re not in act 5 seems to make the most impact on it happening. Good luck!

Hey there,

What type of graphics does the device use? Such as Intel Iris Pro, Intel 620, Nvidia GTX 1234, AMD Radeon 1234, etc

I was seeing this issue also, my bro wasn’t having the issue on a windows machine.
I turned up the graphics settings and it went away. I put them back down and it didn’t come back till I was playing for awhile. I have having really bad FPS issues also and I shouldn’t, no other game is having this issue. The game often pause the screen then catches up. GPU is at 50-75% utilization or lower, CPU is using 4 cores at 40-60% utilization.

2017 MacBook Pro i7 quad core 2.9
16GB ram
eGPU Razer core - AMD Vega 64

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