Single player Runewords

i just want to ask for all runewords (ladder) to be aviable for single player games. There is no good reason to lock them from us offline players at all.
thx and lets hope this remaster will be great


So much this. This along with the shared stash is probably the only two things I wante that also don’t impact the game in any negative way.


+1 to this question.
ladder rune words on single player would be an incredible addition


Not planned. But If enough want it they maybe take a look.

According to 12:03 of


+1 to this. I feel forced to play single player online mode just because of these ladder runewords.


this 1000x times… i also see no reason to lock then to “ladder” even online, either.
whats they point? the people playing ladder should want to play ladder because they want to start again with a new season, not because they are forced to because they cant build a freaking spirit, insight, or infinity


I agree. I do hope there’s a way for us to play single-player or even non-ladder online with all the old “ladder only” stuff. Not everyone wants to be wiped every ladder season - some of us are happy with permanent characters. Those who play on the go with a Switch will also like to see all content, rather than be restricted by the ladder-only requirement.


%100 this.

Sometimes only single player is available to play.


Not playing Singleplayer anymore, but I have for quite a long time and if I still did, this would 100% be the way I would want it to be.

You have my support :wink:


I 100% agree. I have been playing single player for a long time and use mods like plugy so I can have access to all runewords. You have my support +1


Totally agree with this - I feel like this would be a really nice addition that would really expand the SP experience. I think in that private Q & A, it was suggested that the devs want to keep ladder special/unique, and I get that, but it’s not like giving SP folks access to those rune words hurts ladder players in anyway - I’d argue that probably people play ladder not because of the exclusive rune words. but rather to enjoy the special goals and challenges that competing on the ladder brings.


Yes. The entire game should be available offline. This is the entire reason for the mods like PlugY showing up.


Thank! I feel the only way to get this through, is to make a big deal during tech alpha. Hopefully enough people volunteer for that, who are willing to push this issue. The game wasn’t designed to about competition (Ladder), but that is what they’re trying to make it all about. Like, if you’re not part of that, then you’re not a real customer of the game. We are all real customers of the game, I have been playing for 17-18 years. We have all paid full price for the game, and we all just want to be able to play the full game in the manner which suits our lifestyle the best. For me, that is SP, as I have to travel for a living and hotel wifi can ruin a night of gaming. Sorry for the rant, lol. I’m passionate about this and have been since I first heard of Ladder.


This also has my full support. Offline modes should have full access to all itemization on ladder. For us old people who aren’t wanting to play online like we used to, this would be a godsend.


all runewords working outside ladder/season is a must.


If it’s not already in the works, it’s an incredible idea.
At very least a toggle switch at single-player character creation, similar to Bnet.


Completely agree, single player should get all runewords (including the ladder ones). I would also like Pandamonium event and diable clone (maybe sell one soj to get him or something) to work for Single player.


I agree 100%. I’m still unsure if I’ll play online or singleplayer (I live in South America, so, depending on the connection to the Global Server, playing online can be a little too laggy), but if I do player offline, it would be great to have access to both Ladder Runewords and Uniques.
This way, no one that doesn’t want to play on Ladder will feel like they’re missing out on both content and possible builds.


+1 Strongly support this cause.
Until yesterday I was like: no ladder only runewords in single player, I’m not buying.
OK, I preordered the game today, this is clear, but this one will be troubling me until the release date.
The only reason I use PlugY is for the stash and runewords in single player.
Some of the runewords are almost a necessity for everyone, not to mention the moral point, where we all deserve the same content for the money we spent.
Plus as someone mentioned 20 years have passed, we have job(s), kids, pets and COVID on top.
Playing ladders is a stress for me, and I avoid it at all cost. Last year I invested 3 months in a new character, only to find it deleted, because of long period of inactivity. All of these, only because I wanted to try a ladder only bow on my Act 1 hireling.


i am in agreement with ya