Single Player Offline Option

I’ve been away for a while and noticed that Diablo IV has been announced. I decided to play D3 again. (It’s been years) I was instantly reminded of why I was one of the voices against the “constant internet connection” that Blizzard introduced with D3. Multiplayer… sure. Single Players… WHY? Why should I experience even the slightest lag when I’m only playing against the machine? Especially if I have a pc that is more than capable of running the game at high settings? Those who play single player know what I’m talking about. Jitters, hitches, glitching, and lagging all because of the crowding of servers and the insistence on the “constant internet connection”! If I bought it, let me play it. When I check in to battle net, it could then swap info and update my profile, but if I have slow or no internet connection, please let me play the software I payed for.


You didn’t pay for the software, you paid for access to use the software.


And you’re o.k. with that?
Let’s hope nothing else in life goes that way.
“You didn’t pay for the sandwich, just access to the aroma.”
“You didn’t pay for the house, just the ability to look at it (blurred and laggy) from a distance.”
… sheep.


The Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, Warcraft and Warcraft II discs I have on my shelf say otherwise
I physically own all of the above and can continue to play them as long as I have a computer capable of running them, no internet required


You can complain all you want, it’s not going to change.
It;s a trend and a politic spreading very fast across almost all big game developers.
It benefits the game developers the most and the players a little bit… but since it benefits the game developers and overall tend to be a (minor) benefit to the player (on average) it’s not going to go…


Remember clicking I agree? Me being ok with it or not is irrelevant. It’s what we all signed up for.

I have WoW, Guild Wars 1 & 2, and many other games discs on my shelf. Guess what, they’re online only as well.

As per above, remember clicking I agree? It’s what you signed up for.


… but that doesn’t apply to Diablo 3, so whats your point?


Stop defending a company who pays you NOTHING to do so.
For the record.
I have blazing fast business class internet connection.
I prefer single player games because I have a blazing fast pc and I love how smooth and rich everything is without even a miniscule amount of connection lag, which is noticeable.
Easy compromise.
Offline Single Player Characters can NEVER be used online EVER!
But they won’t implement such a simple fix because???


I’m not defending anything, I just pointed out the hole in your theory.

Peace. :v:


Because it fragments the playerbase, opens the door to mods, which further fragments the playerbase, and ends up disconnecting the players from Blizzard.

They also have to put development time into a game mode that ends up costing them money (through piracy, shared game keys, etc) and makes it more difficult to keep track of copyright violations.


Do you even play D3? You appear to be complaining about a game that you do not even play.

Do not get D4 because like D3 it will not have an offline mode. You have been warned.


Apparently not, because occasionally theres a spot of lag


It’s not a theory genius.
It’s a request to play offline single player characters that can never be played online in order to maintain multiplayer security.
I would like to have offline single player characters and online multiplayer characters as well.
It’s not an argument.
It’s not a debate.
Just a request.
That’s all.


Quoting you directly, again.

I’m not arguing for or against what you’re asking for, I’m pointing out that is not the game you signed up for.

You don’t own your characters, you don’t own your armor, you don’t own your gold. Blizzard does, and they can take it away from you at any time they like, for any reason they like.

Which I suspect is one of the exact reasons they have moved to the online only format.


i get it. i would love an offline mode as do quite a few people. not everyone has the best internet or might not even have internet. or just even to make a private world so i don’t see other players… :thinking:
unfortunately in this day and age it just seems like it’s going to be a normal thing to have constant internet connection… which can be good for devs to fix bugs :hugs:

i would hope the only reason is for cheating… no one likes a cheater!

Well in theory yes, you would hope they would only ban for cheating, or some violation of their ToU, or EULA.

It would be a PR nightmare if they randomly started banning people for no reason, but the reality of it is, it’s their game, and if they chose to, they could.

I think the main reason why D3 doesnt let you play unless your connected to the internet (to their servers) is cause if there was an offline mode players could just pirate the game for free and play. Unless there’s a better way to prevent this I dont think they will offer offline mode.

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that’s for sure. i actually just glanced through the Terms so could see why they would ban people. It’s still disappointing that essentially you’re just renting the game no matter how much money you pour into and can’t even play it offline… but i understand. It’s their game and i’m sure i’ll still enjoy it playing solo! :hugs:

At least you’re not paying a subscription fee like WoW.

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