Should the GOD dh get some nerfs?

GOD dhs set should really get some nerfs the set is comfortably 15 gr tiers ahead of all classes solo damage wise without sacrifying any survivability …and is for all intents and purposes the best xp meta … should we all roll dh and kill the game even more after one of the worst seasons ever on diablo 3


God is disgustingly broken jeez, the game is not even playable anymore, what is there to compete for at this point, i’d sweat my **** tryharding and optimizing, and eventually play GoD because of somewhat “meta”
the Set should be nerfed or rebalanced !!


It needs a power shift. GoD can go high because the push variant relies heavily on the Devouring Arrow piercings. With enough enemies clustered together the damage can ramp up seriously high due to the piercings.

It has been suggested that the piercing should be capped and then to compensate this nerf the set would be buffed. This would cut the power of the Devouring Arrow variant and buff all other variants, bringing GoD into more balanced state.


Geeze Bravata, how many alts do you have just to troll the GoD build? Back to the General Forum with you.


Not sure what you’re on about … if you got no contribution to the topic don’t post… thank you … I’m a Eu player posting here on the Us forums cos devs pay almost no attention to the Eu forums quit being toxic kids …Just cos you don’t want your class to be balanced … Let’s be honest: the build is overachieving and will be hit with some sort of nerf at some point . If you want a good nerf and not have it bullied into obscurity after one season you should probably be less biased and throw in some constructive criticism like [Kirottu] for instance


Well this is just the 1000st “Nerf GoD” thread. There have been a ton at the introdcution of the set, so you are a little late.

There also have been Threads in the general topic, where what Kirottu did write was explained and suggested in detail.

A simple use of the search function would have helped here. Also some people…not to name anyone have several accounts they use to open threads.

And your account has a lvl 5 necro and a lvl 1 WD on it…so it was quite close to make that assumption, and atm im still assuming that.

Back to topic. As stated above this is not the first thread of this kind and if there would have been a nerf, it would be in the suggestions for S22 i guess and so far there was none. So lets just see what the future brings for this set.

I assume that most likley blizzard is going to buff other sets instead nerfing broadly played and accepted GoD-Build

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You realise that some people post on US forums, but play on EU servers. For example…
Shows 11 level 70s, 2311 paragon non-seasonal, 1920 paragon seasonal.


First sentence in the post:

So this is basically a click bait.

Dreadlands buffs various generators, but only one is good. How about you nerf that one skill rune and leave the set alone?
Hell, the set itself could use a buff.


oh true, too tired i guess. Well however, its still just one of thousand nerf-god-set threads.
The title is a question and the first sentence a statement, followed by a few posts of people who think god set is op and should be nerfed. the ususal stuff


Leaderboard rank would be more interesting. Has none? Not interested.

Some people think a build is “overachieving” when it manages to do GR115 solo, so yeah…No.

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it’s really not that hard to look at the entire picture. Do you have any idea what nerfing GoD6 would do to the class at the moment? All of the rest of DH’s builds, relatively speaking, are trash.

I don’t disagree that adjustments definitely should be made to the build, and also address the serious outliers that makes it perform a bit higher than it should, but seeing how the next patch literally provides nothing for the DH at all whatsoever, it is not wise to mess with the only build that actually works well.

The build in it’s current state, is not in group meta. It’s not the best trash clearer, it’s not the best xp meta, it’s not an RGK, therefore it does not mess with the meta in a sense where you “have” to play DH GoD6 to progress anywhere in the game. I don’t know where this notion came from.

With that said, next patch will shake up some things. Other builds are getting stronger solo for other classes. Rat runs will be even better than before, leaving the alternative, more fun but not as good, GoD6 in the dust for XP.

So honestly quit with the “nerf god6” threads if one isn’t going to address the rest of the classes shortcomings as well. We all want to play other builds and see them succeed (I for one would rather go back to UE6 MS), but until then, leave the one thing that works alone.


I sign this. Leave Brittney ALONE!


With the chantodo’s, sader and other builds that didn’t even make 150 getting nerfed, it seems unlikely that this set won’t be nerfed.

what GoD should have got was a Holy Shot Impale 200% modifier. And there would have been done. one simple change.

Uhm no it should not get a nerf. Dh was neglected over many patches in many different ways. Only now is zdh sort of included in 4p meta push and even looking at leaderboards there arent that many in the top positions. The most common 4p meta push groups still leave the zdh out of the picture looking at leaderboard positions. Having GOD dh do better at solo makes up for that imho also considering how much DH was neglected over many patches and forgotten about. If you played only dh in the past in terms of xp you were left behind in a big way. DH was left out a lot in the past and only now is it being included again. My 2 cents for what its worth is leave it as it is and bring other sets up to par. Considering the ptr notes I read and other classes getting quite a few improvements and there being none for the dh, this is just another reason the GOD dh SHOULD NOT get nerfed. It does not make sense AT ALL!


100% agree! Well said!


100% with you on this DiEoxide


And, that is exactly the problem. Well, they’re not trash, it’s just god is OP.

If all builds were nerfed for all character classes to hit around GR120, the game would be in a much better state and much more respectable imho. As it stands, the game is a total joke and the lack of balance makes it even more so.

Sorry, but you are wrong. Just cos DH has been ignored for many patches doesn’t mean a single DH build should be so OP. 10-15 GRs higher than any other DH build is not balanced. Period.

Since buffing and power creep is a real issue with this game, buffing the other DH builds to match god is not an option imho. It should be accordingly nerfed as required to bring it back down to the other DH builds performance levels.

It ain’t rocket science!

He has 7 accounts, so it’s it’s easy to fool others by giving likes to his topic…

Obvious troll, who can’t stand that DHs finally got some love…

So just because Dev(s) made stupid decissions in the past they must repeat them again instead of learning from them, yeah right…

Big deal just revert all the Wiz, Sader, WD, Necro builds nerfs that were POINTLESS anyway, so bitter players can finally stop crying for nerfs…

Give us more players builds capable of SOLOing 150 GR and STOP limiting builds potential or destroying even more than creating more diversity…

Some people will never get it :man_facepalming:


The other builds are below blizzards proclaimed balance spectrum and you don’t want them to be buffed? Why would you want that? Why would you want to be back to being the worst solo class in the game…again?