Sheet attack per second while dual wielding

A quick question.

How much can one roll of increased attack speed (6% on gloves) increase the sheet damage.

I ask this because while dual wielding, the weapons have no increased attack speed, my sheet says 2.01 attacks per second. This is on my GoD set up. I have to avoid the paragon IAS in order to avoid to surpass 2.5 IAS.

What feels weird to me is that one roll could make such a difference.

I hope I haven’t missed to see any other roll or any altar perma buff.

When dual wielding you automatically get +15% attack speed.

Why do you want to avoid going to the next attack speed breakpoint? You want to avoid 8 FPA but at 2.01 you’re in 7 FPA and at 2.5+ you would be in 5 FPA which is more dps than 7 FPA.

It’s kind of pointless to worry about though, because with the altar you may have Frenzied some or most of the time.

Leave your paragon attack speed and roll the attack speed off your gloves (area damage or CDR or even vitality is probably better).

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Now there is something I didn’t know! Thanks bud.

I kept it low, in order to avoid passing the 2.5 mark.

Like you say with the altar we can get frenzy and if I put in the paragon points I was itting 2.51 Wich according to the guidelines for Vallas is too much. If I remember correctly I max out at 2.47 with buffs.

As for the he gloves I rolled of some other stat for crit damage. Looking out for a better pair.

Question is if I should ignore that and max out the paragon anyway.

While I’m at it.
A new new question.

If I choose to equip Dawn and Fortress Ballista, should I cube Vallas or Buri?

To be honest I don’t see why Vallas is favored over Buri.


Ninth Cirri Satchel or you lose your main damage multiplier.

Not sure where you are getting these numbers.

Take a look at this:
Open the Gears of Dreadlands (4) Bonus and Attack Speed section
If you are dual wielding, you want to avoid 8 FPA. So either your goal is to be below 1.666 Attacks per second (which is impossible when dual wielding) or to be above 1.875.
Once you’re above 1.875, each new breakpoint will increase your damage.
Normally, you don’t go for higher breakpoints because the ROI is too low. But with free Frenzy, you’ll be there most of the time anyway. And thanks to the resource on crit altar node, you won’t run out of Hatred.
In summary, stop worrying about it. If you’re above 1.875 then you’re fine.

Read the section on that same page about Valla’s Bequest.
Basically, the GoD4 proc has an awkward ICD. To help compensate for this, Valla’s makes your Strafe hit more stuff which helps to cover the ICD gap.
The damage buff from Squirt’s is more important, however, so if you can keep that up with FB, use FB.
In s28 you don’t really need Dawn. Roll some CDR on gear and chug potion till you get Empowered.
I recommend Valla’s + FB w/ 9CS in cube or any primal 2h crossbow + 9CS, with FB in cube.
You would never cube Buriza. Its legendary effect is worthless for GoD.

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Zurtle my bad I forgot to mention that I go for grenades. For HA it would be a big loss otherwise.


I get these from the stickied threads, as far as I know they still stand true.

I will check out your link aswell. Thanks bud

with all that’s said above. what’s more important/preferred if you’re dropping Dawn and looking for a potion buff
34cdr + 20AD or 38cdr and 20 less AD?
and on a buriza 24AD, CDR or 10% enhanced damage

i.e with a potion buff, how much CDR do you want to run with OVER area damage?

I have 2 CDR rolls on gear + paragon, Enchantress, and diamond in helm. I think it puts me right at 40%. I find this is enough to have Vengeance up adequately with Empowered.

I’d probably go with the 24AD on your crossbow but keep in mind AD kind of tops out for GoD HA due to the 9CS limitation. If you already have high AD, then I’d go for 10% dmg.

Those are the same numbers on Maxroll. All you really need to know is to avoid 8 FPA.
The God4 ICD is 9 frames, and that means 9 FPA > 10 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 FPA. The only time you remove paragon attack speed is when it takes you from 8 FPA to 9.

But again, with Frenzied from potion, none of this matters. You’ll always be in the 7 - 5 FPA range if dual wielding. If you’re using a 2h crossbow, it’s worth checking to see what your attack speed is with Frenzied to make sure it doesn’t drop you in the 8 FPA range.

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