Serpents sparker typo, damn stupid bliz

For 2 YEARS I keep repeating this report. Every time I keep writing this to support and forum. For 2 YEARS I didn’t get Bliz to fix a negligible translation problem. Examples (not all of them):

Thanks, Bliz. One more patch and you STILL didn’t fix it. This shows how much you lay shi on your players. So very much thank you. 2 years is not enough for you. Dozen of reports to support and forum didn’t take effect on you. Nothing in this world can ever make Blizzard to fix god damn mistake in localization. Because you are just a bunch of drunk ignorants who are killing all those games and your company with incredible desire.
But you know wha? I will just keep reporting this typo if needed. I will spam the entire forum with it. But you WILL fix it.