Season of the Nemesis

Bring in Nemesis to the PC game as well as nemesis bracers are permanently n effect. (For season only Nemesis in HC mode as well).

For the PC folks, in the console there is a Nemesis boss level baddie that appears every so often . (He comes with his own theme music).

Certainly a theme that should not provide much if any power creep, though the increase number of elite and boss level creatures will make for more potential drops for better loot.


This is a good one - it provides a consistent effect to all players.

2 criticisms:

  • What if some players enjoy their no-mob-spawn pylon/shrine? Can it be turned off?
  • This overlaps with the Nemesis Bracer’s item bonus. Will wearing the bracers cause 2 elite mob packs to spawn? If not, will the item become useless?

Overall good idea, but unclear if developers will see it as consistent with other season themes which appear to only make the game easier.

e: affect to effect

I’ve posted that idea as well. To be honest, I have seen a few other post it too. It’s a good idea and I am really surprised that Blizz hasn’t jumped on that yet. Especially when the RoRG was such a success. Then again, I think they are trying to recapturer season 19 and that is a colossal mistake.

Edit: A copy and paste from a previous post of mine.

Nemesis Bracers are in effect. EITHER double the monsters if Bracers are equipped or cubed -OR- double their strength/toughness and assign a loot table appropriate to that effect. Double the mobs might be easier though.
That can get spicy if you want to take the risk. Most will jump on a shield shrine, even in Hardcore. If it’s a Conduit Pylon, then let the light show begin. For those that are speeding through Rifts and Greater Rifts, it will give them a little something to think about. Do I tap it? Do I move on. Or maybe it’s what the doctor ordered. Yes, faster GRs. WOOT!

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Oh, I read Nemesis and I though it was about an uber chasing the player throughout the maps.

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Season of Cursed Nemesis

Having the nemesis bracers as the community buff would be cool. And at times when opening a chest, theres a chance that it would turn into a random cursed chest event. So basically make most clickable objects/stuctures in game spawn events/enemies for us to fight and drops awesome rewards. Sounds pretty interesting.

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I like the idea… However if this were to become a reality, I can see it now, forum posts about it being too hard starting out because they’re too afraid to hit a shrine. Sure doing rifts you don’t have to hit the shrines, but in a certain bounty you do. I suppose they could make it only active on torment difficulties.

This was my first impression, also, and I got excited. This would be really cool, but is probably too large of an addition this late in the game.

“Your Nemesis walks the Earth”, followed by screen shaking!

I am talking about that too. Its something currently apart of Console games that are non-hardcore…about every 3-4 rifts or bounty areas…or during campaign mode. a Nemesis appears…since I play monks an DH it says its a fallen monk, or fallen DH. (This is in addition to the nemesis bracers)…

The intention is not to double the effect item much like the RRG season…wearing it did nothing as I recall as the effect was already n place.

Well, here is the problem, and a lot of players probably do not know this.

Elites spawned from Nemesis Bracers do not spawn at the Pylon or Shrine; they spawn at the player, and they usually attack immediately.

In Hardcore, Nemesis Bracers will get you killed. I don’t use them.


well then you won’t see anyone pushing super high GRs then in HC and perhaps SC as well. A good way to cap power creep

no that only applies if you enter raccoon city

baseline effort is much easier to play and implement. Would allow a cube/bracer slot for us to play with. That’s exciting with Aughilds, and, hopefully, Krelm’s.

If possible the free Nemesis Bracer effect is only work in Rift and GR. It would be annoying if it also works in Bounty.

And if we are doing theme related to the Nemesis and Shrine, I think it should comes with Free Glove of Shrine and Flavor of Time.

A season where your character have free Nemesis, Flavor of Time and Glove of Shrine.

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I like it.

I’d also go for modifying Nems so they work on health pools and pools of reflection as well. The red pools aren’t that useful any more so it would add a little something, IMHO.

No and no. All effects of the previous seasons were permanent and players had to live with them. Also, during the seasons with item-based themes (such as Season of Grandeur or Nightmares), the buffs from that items did not stack. There’s no reason to make an exception.

Even better.

Only this time it wouldn’t have to be a spawn of the last elite that killed you, because what if you rarely die or not at all?

Just make it a random spawn outside of grifts, ON TOP OF shrines automatically spawning a second elite pack, and any chest potentially spawning a mob.

They also have a nasty habit of generating a pack of Dervishes if you’re playing a Shadow/Impale DH and it’s usually less than a second between clicking the pylon and being dead due to reflections.

This would end up adding a ton of power creep which no one wants. Remember PC folks Nemesis is also an actual baddie from the console SC version added into the PC version for extra kicks.

Nemesis on console is kinda overrated, it’s fun while leveling up and you are desperate for legendaries, but once you get to p200 you will one shot Nemesis as you do anything else, and the few extra legendries become meaningless.

I will keep my reply to the point and brief…NO!!