Season of the Nemesis

from my 8 years of playing i have NEVER i mean 1 time hear someone say they was afraid to hit a shrine for elite’s :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s true, but also in those years of playing you were given the option of shrines popping elites. Once the option is taken away and is always on, someone is bound to complain about it being too hard or something.

Have a list of the top 10 enemies to kill all players from last season and be a random pick from that list. Then each time you die to one it is added and one if the previous ones is removed.

I don’t see how is it a problem considering most of the players can’t even clear GR130 solo in every season.

Also, fun > useless power creep concern IMO.

Most would include me…heck I struggle with keeping HC chars alive for more than a day sometimes…lost 3 monks today 1 GOE 2 sets of POJ 1 being ancient for most items…no lag, just getting too pushy…I was really close to doing GR70 and I got some primal fever…Monk 2 started a bit too high. Monk 3 to noxious vapors…hate those guys that die spewing poison clouds.

Try it with a Shadow/Impale DH. See how much you enjoy a pack of Dervishes, instantly shielded / reflecting, spawning on top of you, as you’re throwing knives worth trillions of damage. Now take away their choice of whether that happens or not by forcing it via a theme. Not good, especially on hardcore.

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Interestingly enough…I do not recall any deaths by dervish. I have always hit them early on before they start spinning and never…I repeat never had anything reflected back…Well there was one reflect on a DH GOD HA build…of course I only noticed because it was in a Missile Dampening field …easy to get out of range and he died from the plethora of other arrows slowly moving towards him

Your memory is not as interesting as you claim. Mate, if you haven’t died by reflection while playing S6 then it’s likely you haven’t really pushed with it above a speed-farming level. :dagger::dagger::dagger::leftwards_arrow_with_hook::leftwards_arrow_with_hook::leftwards_arrow_with_hook::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

I started play around S17…casual player so yeah I am not pushing GR 130 or higher Though this season I have reached the mid 90s…My deaths come from other things as I seem to be a moth to flame…Killed by numerous hell witches and other fireball throwing things