Season 31 should be called Season of Necro

I did as much theory crafting as I can and I can’t find another class that benefits as much as the Necromancer. Maybe Sorcerer a distant second? So if you don’t like to play a Necro, next season will be a dud for you (and me).


I am gonna go ahead and necro this thread.



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Wait… does that mean kill it or resurrect it?

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I’ve actually been looking for a reason to learn how to play Necro better. I get the basics of the class (I think) but never seem to be able to push with it even when I have decent gear. Clearly it’s a skill issue on my side. Perhaps with a season more favorable to the class I’ll finally get passed that?

So which Necro builds do you think are going to shine because of the S31 theme? Can you elaborate?

I am a DH/WD main. I do not own the Necro DLC. Looks like I will get my rank on the achievements LB, then tap out for the season.

I find it silly that they went through all the trouble to balance the game around the Altar and the Shards Seasonal Theme, but could care less about balancing the game around any other Seasonal Theme. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be the first time they did something half-tailed with this game.


Pretty much, no class is even close. Like Wizard is the second and still behind by at least 4x…(500%)

That’s why it’s perplexing to me if even there is still even one dev left that they wouldn’t do a few balance changes here and there but I guess we really are sunsetted now officially and we’ll have to deal with this being Season of necro every rotation?

That doesn’t sit right with a lot I’m sure, if you’re not going to do any balances changes anymore fine but at least give other classes a chance to be excited and combine either Free RoRG with this (necro still be way ahead but not as bad) or 4th cube combined into this (all classes bridge the gap with Necro).


And those would be easy fixes. Just turn on Free Cube Slot Theme and turn on either Free RoRG or Free 4th Cube slot. It isn’t like they have never had 2 themes running at once before.


I am a DH main, WD 2nd - and then all the others…

But if you would “like” to play the necro, currently the extension is on sale… … … :slight_smile:

Since the days of the auction house some million years ago, I have 5,41€ sitting in the shop… Not enough for anything… :slight_smile:

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I passed on the Necro because they made the class more of a caster class than a summoner class. I do value the 2 stash tabs and would pay $5 for both, so when the DLC hits that mark, I would probably finally get. It would break my string of not throwing Blizz any cash since 2014, though.


The stash tabs were 50% of what made me buy the extension…


When I came back to the game in 2018 that’s what got me… they had a sale, IIRC, and the Necro expansion was silly cheap if you also bought RoS. Since I needed RoS I got them both. And then promptly never really played Necro.

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As I agree that no class is even close to necro with raw power I believe that PoJ Tempest Rush monk is going to end up 2nd behind necro. With unlimited cube this build will be able to play Shenglong’s and I don’t see how meteor wizz can gain so much power to be stronger than monk.


AND 2 Character Slots.

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Season 20 was actually called "the season of Necro":rofl: So yeah 31 with the same theme you are right OP

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Basically all of them. Which I know doesn’t help in terms of specifics, but the silver lining is you really can’t go wrong. All of the sets + LoD are going to benefit in some capacity. Whether Rathma vs Carnival BS vs Trag Nova vs whatever benefits “the most” is mostly personal preference minutia.

The key point here is that necro weapon legendary powers are INSANE basically all across the board. I’m hard stretched to think of a single necro weapon that wouldn’t benefit at least 2 build archetypes - maybe that spear that boosts thorns damage scaling with cursed targets? Rather specific, that one. And obviously the ones that boost Siphon Blood or Nova, really don’t help builds that don’t use either of those skills. But, we have multiple builds using those skills, and thorns never HURTS to have even if it usually isn’t a primary feature for meta necro builds.

The Gift set is Rathma, which traditionally is one of our strongest performing sets overall. Wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea to just stick with that one. Fairly self explanatory - Jesseth set for your weapons, skills are Skellie Warriors (attack speed boost while commanded), Revive (DR per active revive), Bone Armor (dislocation), Army of the Dead (the one that pushes mobs to the center), Siphon Blood (stacking channeling boost), and I personally never play a necro without Blood Rush (armor boost) but with the Altar, you don’t REALLY need it. I think the meta would be to use Decrep curse.

For Rathma specifically, the “usual min-max” is to take the weapon cube that boosts Siphon Blood, the helm cube that boosts Army of the Dead, and your rings are typically RoRG, Krysbin, and CoE or Unity depending on if you need more damage or more toughness. Grandeur allows us to dual-set into either Aughild’s or Crimson, which “most” of the time Rathma prefers Crimson since they’re heavily cooldown reliant (100% of your relevant damage while pushing comes from AotD).

With the unrestricted cube, the basic choice becomes which 2 extra weapons, will equate or surpass the necessity to drop Crimsons (or Aughild’s if you went that route)? I haven’t really started looking into that personally, because as you might have noticed I tend to use “the meta” as a base and then tweak to my own personal tastes. But I’m sure Maxroll or Icy or the other usual suspects will have plenty of people doing all that mathing if you don’t feel inclined to expend the effort. (Not a knock against you, normal people probably shouldn’t want to math it out lol )

In less than a week from now we are level 70 and blasting, looking for them ancients/primals!

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I can’t wait for the tier list so I can play the next best class other than Necro. It’s probably going to be a Wizard, followed by Crusader. My most favorite classes; Barbarian, Monk and and DH seem to be getting the least benefit from season 31. Arghhhh :angry:


Look dawg, on the one hand I get it. Some of this is raw, unadulterated math, and min-maxing is gonna happen. I’m something of a min-maxer myself (/spider-man meme)

But let’s be real here. Take the specific class/contexts out ad-lib style, and this is LITERALLY what you just posted:

I can’t wait for the ___ so I can play the next best class other than ___. It’s probably going to be a ___, followed by ___. My most favorite classes; ___, ___ and and ___ seem to be getting the least benefit from season 31. Arghhhh :angry:

Like, bruh. Real talk. This is supposed to be FUN. Play whatever you want.

Are you a streamer? World first racer? Pro D3 dude (or dudette) making cash money on this game?

Play what you want. Who gives what “the other guys” think?


I believe these sort of claims of Necro being the posterboy of Diablo 3 this new Season are unfounded. If what you have said hold any substance, I’d like to read dozens of threads about Necromancer “mains” complaining about Juggernauts for the entire Season. Honest. Dealing high damage will not reduce the amount of fishing you have to suffer because you might end up encountering horrible Elite affixes.

I just hope, sooner or later you’ll realize high potential damage output does not mean everything in this game. The Necromancers sure have good damage options in their cube because they lack sustain; they suffer from long cooldowns and you will feel it next Season with the Soulshards gone. You might deal high damage, but when you consider the delay between your bursts, things may not turn out the way you think it is.
To add, the obstacles at high tier play, such as Wallers and Juggernauts can cause Necromancers to hit a brick wall anyway so they’d be just another FotM build.