Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

For the first issue I assume you’re wearing H90 set, right? That is the issue, you’re wearing a set that has no set dungeon. IK, Raekor, MotE and Wastes have set dungeons.

Greater rifts never had any other drops other than from the rift guardian. Logic, please use it.


For the sets as mentioned by the poster before me, H90/Savages set doesn’t have a set dungeon associated, so you need to do it on one of the other barb sets.

I also had microfreezes with latest Nvidia driver - installed GeForce Experience, let it set up a D3 profile automatically, then went back into the game and changed ingame settings to my preferred ones and stutters are gone. Since it works I didn’t dig deeper into what setting was causing the microfreezes.

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So every season before and indeed everytime I have played D3 and gotten drops from elites/ champions during GR’s, didn’t exist…curious considering I was getting drops from these guys directly BEFORE I activated the 60 yard orb bonus on the altar…The majority of my set pieces came from running GR’s and getting legendaries/set pieces from groups of elites and champions as well as the end guardian. I have only ever played this game solo, I might be knocking on a bit (nearly 50) but I’m pretty sure that my mind is mostly intact and isn’t playing tricks on me. Add to that fact that I also played one of my non season characters and got drops in GR’s from groups of Elites/champs.

So when you snarkily said “logic, please use it” I did and checked several times before making a post. However thanks for your reply confirming my thoughts that the Savages set had no set dungeon.

I’ve played D3 since the launch and ever since GRs wer implemented. Never and I mean absolutely never has any other monster other than the rift guardian dropped loot in GRs.

If you were getting loot from elites, you were doing nephalem rifts, not greater rifts.

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Thanks for your reply, I’ll look at rolling back the driver after checking out the nvidia D3 profile.

I assumed there wasn’t a set dungeon for the savages set but had to double check to make sure.

Hmmm weird, I’ll grab some gameplay of my GR and upload it somewhere. Once its on Youtube I’ll drop the link here.

Well it’s a good job I like cream with my humble pie… I apologise you are correct by the looks of it.
That was undoubtedly a “Mandela effect” for me…Guess I need to book that retirement home early.

Maybe you are thinking about Nephalem Rifts.

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Yes I got confused a little. I went onto a non season character and ran a GR and nothing dropped in that, item wise, until the end guardian.

Kirottu was quite correct as are you.

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Thank you…do you know how to complete this weeks challenge rift? Its basically BS…Its a Crusader with none of his prescribed armor sets…

I wouldn’t call Paragon 800 minimal effort…I have yet to achieve certain Rites levels…cant get an ancient amulet of strength… Can’t get the effing challenge rift (because it never has the appropriate armor and weapon for the hero character)… Blizzard thinks that low drop rates will have people continue to waste time? They are delusional…

I wasn’t talking about D3 tho.

Hotfix for Season 25?

Are servers back up?

hello, personally, this season 28, it was the one that I enjoy playing the most, both with a friend and alone, I hope they leave the altar permanently, not only did we have much more playing time to complete the season, but it allowed us reaching higher places with not so effective builds, in addition to letting us play more dynamically, hopefully they’ll let it, it’s something the devil needed, especially the pets thing, thanks.

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This thread got repinned. S28 end notice coming?


The launcher has the artwork done but the blog hasn’t been updated.

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I will have ten more days to enjoy S28. That is nice.


Bye bye the GR150 with my WD :grimacing:

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