Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

Sooo… Final patch notes today maybe?

So early?
I’d expect them in the week between S28 and S29

Time to take all this s28 goodies back to NS… Stash Tetris in 2 weeks!

I wouldn’t expect the final patch notes until closer to the end of S28. The patch is likely deployed on the 12th of September.


Yes, and season 29 will most likely start on Friday 15 September.

Goodbye Altar of Rites and your double-primal drops which awarded me with exactly zero drops since unlocking it at the end of March. And a hard pass on Season 29. Capped paragon just sounds boring to me. See you all in a few years when a fun season rolls around again.

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Yap, going to miss season 28 where as a solo player i can level my gems to 150 without being forced to join groups.

Delete S29. Extend S28.

Not going to happen. Deal with it Jimbo.


Ain’t gonna stop me asking. Deal with it. Let us smoke a peacepipe. :smiley:

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What’s in the pipe though? :smile:

Hey you bring some and I bring some? Deal?

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Buckle up then buddy. :laughing:

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Wish we could keep pets salvaging everything less than legendary also picking up Deaths Breath the rest I really don’t care about maybe auto picking up progress orbs.

I did my final pushing on Saturday and yesterday, got my last one done with around 30 minutes to go, sadly I fell short of my goal 150 (At least only by 2) but I did go 17 tiers higher than my previous best so that was great.

I wouldn’t say this was my favourite season ever but the theme possibly was.

Upon the end of Season 28, several thoughts occur:

1 - I really, really miss the Altar!! I believe that was my favorite theme ever!! I’m so glad we’ll be seeing that in Season 30!! The auto salvage feature is a real aid to concentrating on playing the game! :slight_smile: Thanks for that Blizzard!! :^))

2 - I cannot believe how disorganized my non-season storage has become! After each season I swear I’ll clean it up, but I never do!

3 - Looking forward to checking out 29!

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