Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

Well it’s somehow saddening to see how the blog posts contain much more errors than before.

F.e.Boss damage 25%->50%

This season has everything I’ve been asking for, for like a decade. I’m fine with having to earn it. Auto pickup for death breaths, orbs, salvaging garbage on the ground, double bounty mats, double deaths breaths, primal recipe. This season just hit every box for me, it’s the best season ever.

I hope the altar makes it into the game permanently. It is a very nice addition of functionality and power for players. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks Blizz.


Has anyone encountered the following problem:

You have done “Anointed” (= Items have no level requirement) in altar of rites but you didn’t achieve “the little things that count” (= craft level 70 ring or amulet) yet.

How can you craft an item with level 70 after Anointed?

By selecting the correct item when crafting which always “Sovereign” type.

Level 70 item is always level 70 item, regardless of what its level requirement is.


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I have lots of imagination.

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1100 blood shard level impossible to get while doing the Altar steps… I’m on paragon 175 Torment 6 with DH strafing build… It will only go no further than allowing me 670 blood shards, Is this a kink in the programming? or is it by design? to make it harder to complete the Altar Rites???

You have to do greater rift in solo to increase the number of BS you can store.

1100 shard cap = GR60 solo
1300 shard cap = GR80 solo
1400 shard cap = GR90 solo
1500 shard cap = GR100 solo
1600 shard cap = GR110 solo


Good job, I quit the season because of the gibbering gemstone, what a ucking waste of time…and a buzzkiller on returning to a season. Is this what D4 is gana be like? Starting and leaving a game 100s of times?

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Basicly this…

I do have to say the idea behind the altar of rites is amazing… but then they had to destroy it with the staff of herding. This problem should have been fixed ages ago, nothing is fun about creating and leaving games in mere minutes just to hope that one of the materials drops…

How can any of the devs be like “yeah great game design” creating and leaving games is NOT great game design.

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Maybe the game is not for you.

D3 isn’t a “I play I win” game except paragons.

Well it is a play to win game. But people are less willing to play, and to understand the concept of loot hunting. They just want everything handed to them with minimal effort.

I play games for about 30 years and D3 has not a big concept of in dept game mechanics. If your game is about that basically everything is a major very low RNG grind to push through then yes. But the whole altar of rites becomes from just play and you progress eventually or just kill this monster and be done.

Nope it suddenly turns into the old D2 concept of gameplay where an item only has 0.02% change to drop at this location. I still play D2 time to time because i play for that concept and i like it. But this complete low drop change mechanic being suddenly forced into people throats to progress the altar of rites is so much more frustrating and totally changes the whole game style.

D3 is known since RoS to be much forgiving to cater the casuals like i became, so telling me the game might not be for me is wrong. If i am wrong tell me what is great about the concept of create game and leave game in mere 2-3 minutes if not faster. I don’t have to do that for rifts, out of GR stones ? farm normal ones for a bit. Need a specific drop to create hellfire amulets which gives guaranteed drops? Make 1 game and you busy for atleast 20-30 minutes.

In short i have 0 complaints about D2 i like the concept that a lot of the drops are really low RNG and makes leveling new characters exciting. But in D3 it comes with basicly everything is handed out to you and you can just chill and relax. To suddenly turn it into here is an material you need to farm that requires you to create and leave games in mere minutes…

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I should have written “I play, I get what I want”


Yeah now that is a totaly different thing.

Speaking of…any word on a fix for the Nats bug?

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Hi all, I’m having a few issues with this new season and was hoping someone may help if its possible.
Firstly I can’t do my set dungeon as I keep getting told by the tome “you aren’t dressed appropriately” even though I am wearing the 6 piece Barbarian set, is this a bug/glitch or missing content for the set ?
Secondly since I activated the “orbs are now auto picked up within 60 yards” I now get zero drops in greater rifts apart from when I slay the end boss, then I the normal rewards. There are no chests, or anything else that could potentially drop loot. Even the elites and champions don’t drop a thing except for orbs and health - no items at all.

There are also a lot of stutters for some reason even though Nothing has changed hardware/software wise since I played the last season, apart from Nvidia drivers.

Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated