Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

Basic English language skills and tense… we should use those

Then use yours. The Altar of Rites is the S28 theme. S28 hasn’t started yet.

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Thanks for that.
It was a surprise when I logged in after a couple days and saw my stuff was replaced and weapon disappeared. I thought I was robbed.

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This is for you :beer: :pizza: It might help if some of the new people on the forum would read the blogs.

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The changes were in those notes. Guve Rich a break :smile:

Bello i Player Natalia set on ptr it was a lot of Fun very well. Very nicke for casual Players. Now ist live i testen today now it is Not fun.
Not playable anymore for casual Players. Please remeve the nerve it is Not fun anymore. It is sad


Natalia is now Not playable anymore
it was so fun befördern the buf
I Trink Not Play Season 28 also it is Not Nixe to Farm Hirtenstab Gomes to Long. No fun this season

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If there were changes in the notes that clearly means something new was added.

Yeah, looks like all languages must review their vocabulary because someone speaking English might get offended.


I know it’s likely too late for any chance of a change…but this is just a reminder that you did not touch crusader at all for this patch. Seems weird to intentionally exclude one class.



I am sure they already know that.

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I found a bug!

No buffs were given to crusader and Witch Doctor only has one viable build.

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Arachyr and Zuni WDs stare akwadly

With those times in mind…

…you decided to schedule a two hour maintenance, which may cause interruptions to service and/or disconnects, to clash with the start of Season 28 on EU?

Imagine, if you will, you’ve just created a seasonal hero, run the challenge rift, logged back in with your seasonal hero, collected the challenge rift cache, opened it so that all the assorted goodies are on the ground and… BOOM! …have a disconnect due to the scheduled maintenance. Oh, well…

Seriously, who does scheduling like this?


That’s AM not PM my dude. The season starts in PM.

The announcement on the launcher says

16:00 (CET) until 18:00 (CET)

Perhaps you should learn about the 24 hour clock.
13:00 = 1 PM
14:00 = 2 PM
15:00 = 3 PM
16:00 = 4 PM (maintenance starts here)
17:00 = 5 PM (season starts here)
18:00 = 6 PM (maintenance ends here)

Yes, and so does the two hour maintenance.
The season start is right in the middle of it.


Could you please start season 28 on consoles e.g. PS4? Sitting here at 07:07 am JST (Japan) on the 25th and still no active season…?

Console doesn’t have regions, starts the same time as North America on PC (5 PM PST, a little under 3 hours from now).

Thank you for the replay TinneOnnMuin!

Been looking everywhere for some answers but have not been able to find anything on the consoles, so thank you!

Hi FilthieRich,

What was updated to the latest patch from previous