Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Now Live!

a little late already, don’t you think? :roll_eyes:
I have been 15 days in the PTR, and so much adjustment already in the firebird,
I’m sorry, but it is not very serious to want to later work on what should have been done before
I start to think that they are wasting my time
I have already discarded the Firebir Magician :name_badge:
If you don’t mind, play it yourselves
ok, many greetings, thank you :+1:

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So we all might as well just play non season then, since seasons wont be special. Good way to just kill D3 Blizzard… So why are you carry on about the char been nerf when the season going to be the same as non season. I not understand, You all ment to be bytching about the shrine not special. BIG BOYS IN PANTS FIXED THE SHRINE FOR THE SEASONS.

Season offers a fresh start. Which is all a season should offer. It remains special.


There no buff for next season. And the followers in season is the same for non season. so what special for this season to come?


Nothing. The pleasure to fresh start ? Compete?


The whole idea why we play Season is it was different to non… Well that is why I play season only. Cause it is fresh start and to find the best item and go as far as I can. But to have the same as non season!!!


Pleaso dont let rathma go live the way it is right now. It was too powerfull in the first iteration of ptr sure, but make good on like you are doing with FB and let it have some of its power back. Cheers.

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You aren’t really contributing when you post such drivel. You are just adding to the noise the CM needs to wade through before finding proper suggestions.


There were no Themes…   at all…   for the first 13 Seasons. Themes did not start until Season 14.

Patch Notes & Themes

But, many of us still played Seasons.


That doesn’t mean that seasons didn’t have incentives though. Initially there were seasonal exclusive legendaries that only became available to non-seasonal heroes after the season had ended, i.e. seasonal players had access to more legendaries.


Which is exactly what season offers in S23. A chance to play from the beginning again and grow a character.
For the few hours it takes :confused:

Thanks for the update man.

And we survived with out all of the complaining, funny how that worked.


Thank you for the feedback. Whether you realize it or not, it makes a difference when you update the forums. I am looking forward to the new patch and realize it is a lot of work to make code changes like this. I am sure the gaming community appreciates this and the fact that are making changes based on players QC and input. :slight_smile:


The ladders are being broken down by sets so you can start fresh and compete for off meta ladder spots :wink:

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Thank you.

What about Rathma set ? Any changes we can expect ?


guess who got stricken first? there are many examples like this so please stop talking about the past if you haven’t been there

How do you know where I’ve been and when?

But, since I  have  been there…

pics or it didn’t happen

pics of what?!  

Edit: If you mean to prove how long I’ve been playing D3. Well… since it was first released. I uploaded my first D3 video a month later, in June 2012. It was on my previous computer, which was already outdated. My video capturing skills were not well developed yet, so the quality isn’t great.

But, it’s enough to prove:

  1. It was before RoS.
  2. It was when we still had Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno Difficulties.
  3. Items were crap.
  4. Battles were more challenging.
  5. We had no Pets to pick up Gold.
  6. There were no Seasons and no Adventure Mode.

There were also other indications, but… you get the point.

Since I don’t have “pics” to post from then, here is the video: