FB on top again

In the end FB has been fixed, I’m glad because witch is one of my favorite classes, but the other one that is WD is still a potato, I guess WD complaints weigh less than the other classes, hopefully one day they will put WD at the same level as the rest, this also goes for some more class, but did not touch them so I can not comment more

WD was on top in S21. FB still needs buffed after last PTR nerf. Let’s see next week

It got a buff after PTR announced on Friday? It won’t get buffed again, it now will do GR145+ in Season, its too OP.

WD top is S21? Er no, the top ranking on US was GR146 whilst many other classes got GR150.

As mundunugu was released it was top Trash killer and top solo build. Now it’s still the Best WD Set. Maybe it was S20.

Final PTR Patch notes say nerf 2pc 4pc and 6pc. It’s a nerf of 15 Tiers. I’m not sure where you see a buff

You need to read the extra Developer Note and the blue post on the change. They unnerfed the 6p bonus and boosted it! GR145 easy.

Top trash killer in a 4 man meta for a while but we are talking solo here, its been ages if ever WD has been top.

Solo clear WD Season 19 to 21 GR150 seasonal

2.5x buff. 6-7 tiers. Saw it.

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FB should have been left alone at 4k% on six piece, now they may over nerf it in the future. I was planning on playing it anyway because shiny new toy and what not, but starting rats per the usual. I am interested at how it compares to AoV as RGK.

2 things here:

  1. Blizzard doesn’t know how to balance the game.

  2. They only seem to react to player criticisms…FB nerf/buff and GOD nerf/buff. Pathetic.

I’ve not wanted to raise this, but this has crossed my mind too. Not because I think they’re incapable (acknowledge ymmv), but just recognising it’s complex with the item based design of the game and the many combinations. It would be very time consuming to do to perfection without relying on the community to throw the kitchen sink at it in the live environment as the final test. I touched on this effort when Homer linked the dev blog post on balance a little while back.

Players keep complaining until their dreams come true. :laughing:

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The easiest way to approach this is to balance what people play with. Blizzard knows what is used and what isn’t used with the game. Remove the crud that is never used. Problem solved.

Why do people make things harder than they have to be?

that’s what GOD HA players did, Barb players did, group players did…wizard players did…WD players did…Cru and necro have been OP AF since time immemorial so no complaining from them.

The question is, solo players have complained for a hella long time and Blizzard has done jack squat diddly all…mmm.

I’ve considered that a given. I appreciate you’ll have a different take on this, but I just thought I’d put my view up on it.

Your absolutely right. I’m looking forward to S23. Set-based leaderboards: @Dave show all players how good S6 Impale is!

And with emanate solo players get a XP and utility buff without stupid power creep like S22, where Necros and Wizards “easily” could achieve 150.


Been there, done that. As it stands, GOD HA is now 7-8 GRs more powerful than s6 impale, so still not balanced, and no contest. I’m not gonna bust a gut to try and keep up when the sets/builds are so horribly balanced.

edit: I only just got what you meant with your quoted comment. Sure, I could bust a gut and use the filter, but that’s rather LAME if you ask me. It doesn’t promote balance in the game, and it doesn’t promote build diversity. Like all of Blizzard’s efforts, it smacks of a screw up in order to save doing “real” work on the game.

I’m having a bit of a play with GOD HA, but not really getting it to work like others can, but have had some brilliant advice from the DH forums that has seen me improve my clears with this build. It is still far behind what I can achieve with s6 impale though, but granted, I have a lot more experience with s6 impale. As someone else said though, not all builds are for everyone.

I would have rathered a SSF LB than these follower changes.

Blizzard - balance the sets, and then introduce SSF LBs. That’ll sort the men from the boys.

I may try out FB at some stage… disintegrate was probably pretty fun while it was OP in PTR but probably noticeable that it won’t scale with density when dialed back … hard to imagine it could suck too bad given what they did with DW for s22 and that they’re clearly trying to make amends. Would be about time Wiz had more decent builds.

Can’t speak for the other WD builds, but Mundunugu is a walk in the park out of the box. Put a few bits and pieces together and its hell fun smashing up GR75-80, low paragon & coop in 2-3 mins pre-nerf before putting any real effort to the gear. Much like I recall Poj was first time I gave it a whirl (with a little encouragement… ty for that… it had legs).

yeah hahah! I saw one post on the real players forums that one dork actually complained that people get to play more than he does and he wanted blizzard to cap the paragon in a season to only 1,000 paragon because thats all he can get during a season. lol

would be the best thing for the game imho. In fact, get rid of paragon altogether. I ain’t against the idea.