Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

Today we addressed an issue related to the Razor Strop item. After some investigation, it appears that the item was causing server issues and a fix has been applied to help prevent players from disconnecting from games.


Why isn’t any of this thought about before implementing a build?
We still have about 9 major things that require fixing, been aware of them for like 4 seasons now?

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My remarks regarding S23:

  • Firebird Wizard. It is a strong, new and funny build :+1:
  • Followers emanate. Interesting when going solo :+1:
  • No seasonal buff :-1:
  • The FMOD sound bug/freeze lag not solved :-1:

So just followers and nerfs, which is across seasonal and regular. Sweet. Super excited to stay away from this season. This kind of thing without an actual seasonal theme gets me closer to removing the game from my pc.

Is there a timeline on when we will get an update to fix the current lag/freezing/crashing issues players are experiencing due to the Mirror images sound while playing the firebirds set? It is insane, I can play my WW barb fine, but once I swap to wizard, I have to turn my sound channels to 16, and deal with almost constant stuttering or crashing even though my FPS is well above 100. I see it often referred to as the FMOD sound bug, but come on guys… I7, 10700k with NVME SSD and 3080, and I can’t play diablo 3 because of client issues that Blizzard hasn’t issued statements on or addressed…


For the people who’s been complaining about no season theme.
Well, there is one now.
S23 = The season of instability.

And I have a feeling that whatever they did to the teleport animation also contributed to the rubber banding issue with vyr set as well.

If mirror images could cast electrocute, I feel like it would have been a nice ranged option. Not a meta choice against the fire buff you get from flame blades, but it would have been nice to have more options.

If every tick of fire blizzard proced the 6pc, that would have given another option also.

I also think you should add some kind of auto-cast feature to explosive blast baseline or add an auto-cast component into orb of infinite depth. Using explosive blast on cooldown is an obnoxious chore. The num-lock trick or similar things make it tolerable (though don’t play as well with disintegrate because it doesn’t keep casting while you are holding disintegrate), but you’ve designed a spell that people just cast on cooldown, so the baseline controls or supporting items should be designed with that in mind.

The problem is mirror images. Having them cast electrocute is a) worse and b) a bandaid on a broken arm.

Hoping you could pass this on to the team.

Currently the Bones of Rathma set isn’t fun to play. While the adjustment to AoTD was great, having it being the set’s only source of damage is pretty poor given the fact that it’s on a lengthy cooldown. Few suggestions I’d like to pass your way.

Bones of Rathma

2P) Permanent Minions reduce the cooldown of Army of the Dead by 0.5 seconds each time they deal damage. Command skeletons now spawn 6 additional skeletal mages. Command skeletons spawn faster, and Revived minions no longer expire.

(Note: Skeletal mages spawned from Command skeletons would deal the same damage as the skeletal warriors)

4P) Minions are immune to all damage. Gain 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds each time one of the minions deals damage, stacking up to 75 times.

6P) Casting Army of The Dead increases the damage of your command skeletons, command golem and revive by (X)% for 30 seconds. Each active permanent minion increases the damage of the Army of the Dead by (X)%.

Bonds of C’lena

Army of the Dead reduces damage taken by 50% and deals 75-100% additional damage. This bonus is doubled against the active target of command skeletons.

Also to note, revived minions are having issues recognizing the enemy most of the time which hinders reducing the cooldown for AoTD.

Thank you.

I had hoped for solo play to get much closer to group play benefits. Which should still come and must be permanent and for ns too.

Emanate and revamped followers is very nice, but followers still seem rather useless when pushing gr.

Some feedback:

  • I really like firebird changes. I have long time been waiting to play wiz again and now it’s possible.
  • Except certain multiplayer related bug: When having two or more wiz in team in high lvl, the battle usually is not against mobs but against lag. Whole team needs to be super careful to to pull any extra mobs. When failing in this, there will be 2spf dia show for next minute or two.

23 seasons in a row where WD are so laggy in GR 120+ that they can not be in groups. It’s not AoE, it’s not piranado, it’s just WD. It’s been reported thousands of times so I won’t bother doing that again (I reported it in season 1 and in season 17). I heard this season some lag was fixed but as I climbed the leader board the 120 GR+ are just lag for 50% of the time. Literally WD lag nearly doubles the clear time.

Given the D2R release this year it is time for some nostalgia.
Please buff the Crusader Hammerdin to S-Tier next season :innocent:

This was merely the pre-test of follower full equipping for D2 yall .

What is this abomination you call a nerf to the etched sigil? It wasn’t even in need of a nerf. I t was one of the few decent offhands for the wizard. Many of the alternatives are terrible and now the etched sigil is worse than useless. When I logged in to find all of my wizard builds ruined I was devastated. The thought that it was all because I didn’t have any legacy ones makes me genuinely depressed.


Hey folks - today we fixed an unintended interaction with Mirror Image deaths causing Firebird’s 2-piece bonus to proc a meteor to fall from the sky. Note* This fix is PC only fix.


Will this fix the horrendous and infamous Wizard lag? =)


so you just killed my zei’s setup. because now i cant use the meteors for dps.
cool thanks for killing my build midway into the season.
super appreciate it.
great game.
great devs.
why would you guys do something so stupid?
what’s the justification for changing this? in the middle of the season.

for reference: im currently the rank 1 hc wizard on NA. with the fb setup ive been pushing with all season. a setup that is now effectively removed from the game because of this mid-season nerf.
previously, something like this would NOT happen mid season unless it was in response to something that was horribly unbalanced or otherwise broken. THIS change meets neither of those criteria. it simply gave firebirds an option for a 3rd legendary gem that wasnt enforcer. now that this change is implemented, enforcer is the ONLY possible option for third gem slot. and thus, the build that i currently have as rank 1 on the leaderboard, is now deleted from the game.
allowing your images to die and drop meteors as a source of damage gave VARIETY to the meta firebird build. THAT WAS A GOOD THING. it wasnt overpowered, it was just another option. it was better than enforcer in some circumstances, and worse in others. it simply baffles me that this stupid, needless change was implemented to further homogenize everyone and kill build variety.

this is seriously stupid and unwarranted.

oh cool and now there’s a new disconnect issue occurring that just killed me.
that’s 2 rank 1 characters ive lost now this season due to game malfunction.

how about fixing this crap so hardcore is actually playable?


So, you fixed something we didn’t know was broken.
Okay, now how about…

  • Players having their heroes randomly show up as different named heroes, in clans they’re not part of, in different languages (outstanding for over a week).
  • Issue with lag on Firebirds / Mirror Images / CoE (outstanding around a month).
  • Issue where the recommendation is to reduce the number of active sound channels to 16/32 (outstanding around a month).
  • Issue with 5-10 second lags, where the only workaround is to replace a DLL file, rendering the game silent (outstanding over 10 months).

It’s a wizard nerf. It’s high priority, ridiculous, and generally poorly implemented! :slight_smile: